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March 23, 2020

Rand Paul Tests Positive for Covid-19, Fueling Anxiety in the Capitol

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If he was concerned enough to demand one of the far too few tests for his privileged self, why was he not self quarantining like everyone else.   We the people are told to stay home, work from home, do things over the internet electronically, but politicians are under different rules?   This is nuts and shows how these people really feel about democracy.   Remember Rand has voted against Covid-19 relief measures for the rest of us.    Hugs

 Senate Republicans were struggling to salvage a more than $1 trillion economic rescue package to respond to the coronavirus crisis when they got the message on Sunday afternoon: One of their own had been walking around the Capitol with Covid-19 for days as they debated how best to confront the rapidly spreading pandemic.

The news set off a frantic race to retrace the steps of Mr. Paul, who had continued to show up in the Senate — even using the private senators’ gym, where he swam laps in the pool on Sunday morning — until he received the results of his coronavirus test sometime after his workout.

Mr. Paul had been informed last weekend that he had attended a fund-raiser in Kentucky with two individuals who later tested positive for Covid-19, a warning that sent a handful of other prominent elected officials into self-quarantine out of caution.

Not Mr. Paul.

He pressed on with his Washington schedule anyway. On Wednesday afternoon, he spoke and voted on the Senate floor. He dined at the Republicans’ closed luncheon on Thursday and on Friday, sitting with fellow senators. And after being informed of the diagnosis on Sunday, Senator Jerry Moran, Republican of Kansas, rose to tell fellow Republicans at lunch that he had seen Mr. Paul that morning at the senators-only gym, according to two people who heard him and Mr. Moran’s spokesman.

“I’ve never commented about a fellow Senator’s choices/actions. Never once,” Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat of Arizona, who is known to frequent the senators-only pool, wrote on Twitter. “This, America, is absolutely irresponsible. You cannot be near other people while waiting for coronavirus test results. It endangers others & likely increases the spread of the virus.” (A spokesman for Ms. Sinema said she had been practicing social distancing and had not been to the pool in two weeks.)

There is a lot more at the link above.   I have things I want to express about this level of arrogance but I would need to sue words shouted at a volume that would wake Ron and cause the neighbors to shun me for vulgarity.   Hugs


  1. There simply are no words …

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    Comment by Nan — March 23, 2020 @ 12:29

    • Hello Nan. There was so much more in the article, including his denial of doing anything wrong even though he could have infected so many people. He got the test even though he doesn’t show symptoms even while those that do have them can not get tested. The whole arrogance and entitlement attitude is staggering and infuriating. I can see why his neighbor beat him so severely. I am still steaming from reading the article. Yet he is also the guy that regularly holds up any federal relief and demands cuts for any social program that helps the less well off. He is all about privilege, his own. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — March 23, 2020 @ 12:36

      • So HE took the test out of an abundance of caution … but then turns around and potentially exposes others. IOW, it’s OK if I’m cautious about taking care of ME, but hey … the rest of you are on your own. Idiot.

        It’s not nice to wish ill will on others, but there are certainly a few in the current administration that … well … you know.

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        Comment by Nan — March 23, 2020 @ 12:48

        • Hello Nan. I do, I really do. Again I understand why his neighbor beat him so badly. I can’t imagine having a property line with him.

          You know I have no trouble being nice to people. I called my doctors office this morning and started with wishing them a great morning and asking how they were. The woman on the phone, Corey, laughed and asked “Scottie, is this Scottie Miller”? After I told her yes she said she thought it was me. Apparently few people call doctors offices and start off with asking how the person on the phone is doing and hoping they had a good weekend. But I do. They have a stressful enough job and with everyone dumping their problems on them they need a few well wishes or how you doing questions. I am enough of a pain in the butt but it doesn’t mean I can not care for people.

          My point is Paul did not have to act this way. He chose to because he doesn’t see other people as worth worrying about, worth caring for. Hey they are not him, his needs come first. He wanted a swim, he wanted to hobnob, he wanted …

          His dad was a pain and a bit of a weirdo but he never acted like his son does. He seemed to really care about people. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — March 23, 2020 @ 13:08

  2. Scottie – I read that he availed himself of the gym facilities just prior to making his announcement, despite his having a private gym at home. And it will probly turn out that he made a killing in the Stock Market, along with his asshole buddies.


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    Comment by Dennis Cole — March 23, 2020 @ 12:33

    • Hello Dennis. I agree. The article shows how totally he disregarded anyone else but himself. He is incredibly arrogant and uncaring. He has held up every aid bill and social spending demanding cuts to any and all social spending of an equal amount, yet he makes no such demand on anything benefiting the wealthy or the corporations he gets donations from. He really comes off as an entitled prick who is in it for himself and all he can get for himself. He has gone to Russia for tRump and seems to be supported by a couple super pacs that take foreign money. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — March 23, 2020 @ 12:46

  3. *oooh the OUTRAGE!!! Rand Paul just couldn’t do the sensible thing that he should have done, now that we know of his mistake, we should criticize him and get very angry. This is so childish, half the country will probably get this virus and to think people are concerned about whether or not Rand Paul utilized “social distancing” while being tested for Covid-19. Give me a break.

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    Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 23, 2020 @ 13:09

    • Hello Dylan. I was just telling Nan you had not commented in a while.

      I think you are going for sarcasm instead of being serious, but let’s address Paul’s actions.

      First he is a member of the Senate, called the world’s most deliberative body. Meaning they should be reasonable thinkers. They should be leading by example for what they ask others to do. It also means he has the most up to date information and access to the most top level medical data and the CDC’s recommendations.

      You say now that we know of his mistake we should criticize him and get very angry in a sarcastic demeaning way, but the truth is he knew what he was doing was wrong and he did it anyway. So yes we are right to call him out on it. He showed he did not care even knowing what he did , how his actions affect others. He had callous disregard for how his own pleasures affected others and he simply did not care. If I wanted to be over the top like you I could add that is the same way sex offenders act.

      You are basically saying that the guy speeding 80 MPH on a joy cruise through a school zone where he could have killed some kids shouldn’t be criticized once we know what he did. Does that make sense to you? If you disobeyed your mom and violated curfew or watched R rated movies and she found out, would you then say she shouldn’t criticize you now that she knows?

      You seem willing to overlook the fact he got a test when he showed no symptoms so he understood might have it ,that he could be contagious and still mixed with others even using the shared facilities. You overlook the fact that several Senators and Representatives who also were in contact with people who had it self quarantine themselves. They were showing leadership and thoughtfulness. If you think I am being harsh then you disagree with the 50 plus congress members of both parties who say they should follow the same guidelines asked of the rest of the country.

      More than 50 lawmakers of both parties signed on to a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying the House should “hold itself to the same high standard that it is asking the nation: to put public health and safety first.”

      So Dylan you give me a break! I am will to have discussions with you. I enjoy conversations with you. I also realize you are young and many young people are more into over the top scoring of points with emotion and sarcasm than thinking things out. The Fox News way is to rant and rave to make points. I think you are too smart for that. I really do. You have impressed me with being a young person who uses reason over emotion. You don’t need sensationalism to make your points. You can do it with facts and reason. I like reason.

      So let’s use reason on this. If this was your mom’s boss, your dad’s doctor, would you still think it was reasonable what they did knowing they knew they may have it and possibly infected your whole family? If you have younger siblings how would you feel towards a person knowing they may have it, hanging out with them and not caring if they infect them. Knowing that many people will die from this as you must know now. It is not just half the country will be infected Dylan, it is possible half the country could die from it.

      Please get back to me, I would love to read your response. I wish you and your family the best. Please take care of yourselves, avoid large groups. This is a serious situation. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — March 23, 2020 @ 14:22

      • Hello Scottie,

        Obviously there are multiple ways in which one could assess the unfortunate choices Rand Paul made over the weekend. One would be to criticize him for being incompetent, that he didn’t make the wisest of decisions while in the process of being tested, and that we should all collectively shame him for not thinking more coherently. The other would be my position. Yes, he wasn’t exercising his thoughts very well as he paraded around in public infected with a lucidly spread contagion, but “what the hell”, the deed is done, and who cares now. (BTW none of this is political, I would think the same thoughts for a Dem)
        What perplexes me extensively is the amount of outrage that comes from American media outlets on trivial stories similar to this one. The only reason why we even have the opportunity as citizens to “call out” (as you phrased it) our nations leaders, is because information pertaining to their personal and public activities are constantly being reported to us via the media. I am in no way overlooking this either, as I am profoundly capable of locating people’s mistakes, I just despise the outrage. I think that America’s mainstream media is crooked, in the sense that they choose what they desire to report on, and they are extremely political. It wouldn’t matter to me if, say, Adam Schiff contracted COVID-19 and committed the same irresponsible acts that Senator Paul committed, because it’s not important.
        My only motivation for getting back to you with this message is that I have eagerness for the day you realize that these relentless, consistently reoccurring, outrageous stories from mainstream media are dampening to thought itself.
        Most of my knowledge comes from the books I read. I don’t prefer Fox News as a news source, they are too bias, and most of there perspectives on social and political subjects I’ve already been acquainted with. For you Scottie (I don’t know if you read books/novels – I assume you do based on your intellect), I would recommend George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984”, if you haven’t already read them [although I doubt you have 🙂 ]

        Here are the links to them.

        As always,
        Kindest regards.
        Health to you and Ron.



        Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 23, 2020 @ 17:58

        • Hello Dylan. Thank you for the thoughtful comment / reply.

          Yes the deed is done. But Dylan you are forgetting Paul had both the most up to date information and all the resources a Senator could have at his disposal. He is not a normal person, a person on the street. He ran for the office and got the job of Senator. A leader of the people in our country. Is this the way a leader should act?

          We are discussing his actions regardless of party. Did you miss my quote from a bunch of both Republicans and Democrats? This is not partisan on the issue of disregarding others safety Dylan, it is callously deciding your own pleasure is worth more than other peoples lives. That is what he did, his own party is very unhappy with him over it. He felt it was needed he be tested, so he felt there was a chance he had the virus, yet he wouldn’t do what other Senators and Representatives have done which is self isolate when they have been exposed. This is simply about him not caring enough about those around him to interrupt what wanted to do to please himself. That is not just egotistical it shows a profound lack of caring about anyone else.

          How is this trival? If someone not him ran around potentially infecting everyone with in 6 feet of him and anyone who touched anything he was in the area of after three hours would you still say it is trivial? This is serious stuff my young friend and not something to be taken lightly. If exposed to this I could die! Is that enough for you to take it seriously? They found live virus on surfaces up to weeks after the infected person was gone. People are dying and a lot more are going to die from this. The only question is how many will die. Our job as a nation is to do what the medical professionals are telling us to do.

          What perplexes me extensively is the amount of outrage that comes from American media outlets on trivial stories similar to this one. The only reason why we even have the opportunity as citizens to “call out” (as you phrased it) our nations leaders, is because information pertaining to their personal and public activities are constantly being reported to us via the media

          I am not sure what your point is here? Are you upset that we the people know the actions of the elected leaders? Do you really think we shouldn’t know what our elected leaders, the ones with their hands on all levers of government and the US treasury, are doing? Just recently we learned that two Senators used their secret intelligence briefings information to sell their stocks while telling the people it was OK nothing wrong. That is called insider trading and it is very illegal. If we do not have reports of the activities of the government and the elected officials they are not held accountable for their actions. Not everyone one in government is honorable. Some are just crooks out for themselves.

          OK Dylan I think we need to address the myth that the “mainstream media” is bias in favor of the left. Have you done the research into this? I have , and I won’t bore you with all the quotes but I will tell you it is another myth taken as fact. Look without the quotes, ( which you know I would be glad to give if you ask as I love facts and get long winded ) here is how you know the corporate media is right leaning. Media is supported by advertising, correct? That means their source of income is those that believe in what they are promoting enough to give them money. As most large companies and wealthy donors to political causes ( by the reports turned into the government ) are Republican it is not reasonable to think the media is not bias towards the right. If you want the actual stats either google them or let me know and I will do that for you. I have done this during the 2016 election and found that over 80% of the mainstream news coverage was totally right leaning. It is a myth that media is left leaning.

          Dang cat walked on my keyboard and your comment went to spam, think I got it back. I would have not been happy having to try to retype all this. The cat on the other hand is snoring contentedly.

          Again as I read your comment I think you are disregarding two things, this is a deadly virus very easily spread, and how deadly it is to people. This is not about party nor about Adam Schiff and you can be sure if he acted this way the world would as down on him. You say you don’t want this to be political and yet you introduce politics into it?

          My only motivation for getting back to you with this message is that I have eagerness for the day you realize that these relentless, consistently reoccurring, outrageous stories from mainstream media are dampening to thought itself.

          Dylan do you really believe this? If so then you also must acknowledge that the alternate media is also “these relentless, consistently reoccurring, outrageous stories from mainstream media are dampening to thought itself.

          Most opinion shows and articles promoted as news needs to be fact checked and viewed with scepticism. However information doesn’t dampen thought, it allows you the opportunity to reason on a subject or information presented. I really am not sure what you mean by thought damping?

          The truth is Dylan today the world media is no longer divided between the right or the left, good or bad. It is between reality or misinformation / “alternative facts” which are really just lies. It is really between facts and wanting to keep in the good graces of those in power.

          Why do you think I am not familiar with ““Animal Farm” and “1984”?

          1984 is far more dark and in many ways is synonymous with what is happening today, as it talks about an authoritarian government that tries its best to deny information to the citizens while using the levers of government to keep the authorities in unlimited power. It is about quelling any opposition to or promoting anything critical of those in charge. The funny thing is so many of the ideas in the book were considered far fetched when written but are happening today.

          Be well, dude really keep your distance from others and best wishes. Hugs

          Ps. Oh and thank you for the compliment. I do try to use the brain cells I have. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — March 24, 2020 @ 14:42

        • Oh Dylan I wonder if you have read the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury? How do you feel about book banning and censorship? Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — March 24, 2020 @ 14:50

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