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March 25, 2020

A KY Church Ignored Social Distancing Advice; Now, a Worshiper Has COVID-19

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A KY Church Ignored Social Distancing Advice; Now, a Worshiper Has COVID-19

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear — a “clean-cut sex symbol for the coronavirus age,” according to Salon — has been approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with great seriousness from the start.

Since last week, he’s been advising schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations to prevent the spread of sickness by temporarily closing.

University Church of Christ, in the city of Murray, ignored that advice and held services as usual.

Days after the service in question, Senior Minister Charley Bazzell received a phone call from the Calloway County Health Department, advising church leadership that “an out-of-town visitor” to their building had tested positive for the virus. No identifying information about the individual was provided.

But because they’ve been going about their lives in contact with other people for days now, there are limits to what a delayed self-quarantine will do to halt the spread of the virus.

And the example the church has set — dismissing and ignoring medical advice, downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic — isn’t exactly stellar.

Bazzell says that his church chose to hold services because he believed they had taken enough precautions to keep people safe: shortening the service, using gloves to serve communion, and encouraging members to practice social distancing or skip church altogether if they feel uncomfortable.

Bazzell seems to expect to be rewarded for doing the bare minimum — making his congregation aware that they’ve been exposed to a potentially deadly ailment — as if that makes up for the failure to heed medical experts’ advice that endangered his parishioners in the first place.

But he’s not alone: Several Christian leaders and institutions in Kentucky have balked at the precautions Beshear recommended for churches in particular. Pastors deeply invested in a narrative that paints them as victims of an anti-faith culture complained that churches were being singled out for attack.

More at the link above including quotes from the people involved and information about other church gatherings that have led to Covid-19 outbreaks.   Hugs


  1. Scottie – I’ve been compiling a list of positive aspects and results attributed to this Virus, so I’ll be glad to add this to it. Today’s air has a rare quality to it, so fresh and clean-smelling, bc there are fewer cars on the roadways, and the panic-buying has eased substantially. Some people are going WAY out of their way to help others, and the ones who don’t are being castigated as the assholes they clearly are.

    As Dawg is my waitress, (like TG tends to say,) if we lose half the Talibangelicals extant today, the World will be a LOT better place. And with Dumpy expecting churches to be full-to-overflowing on his “Magical Day of America’s Recovery and Resurrection,” aka Easter Sunday, it ought to be a prophecy well-received by us Atheists.

    Peace out and symptom-free so far,


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    Comment by Dennis Cole — March 25, 2020 @ 15:07

    • WELL SAID, Dennis!!! Go get ’em, Tiger!

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Nan — March 25, 2020 @ 15:23

    • Hello Dennis. I am really happy and grateful you are symptom free. Please if that changes let me know. As for what you wrote I can not disagree, and even I have to be honest and admit I was first entertaining the idea of those people disappearing. Then my own ethics kicked in and knowing how bad this virus is, how even those who survive it suffer, and how even worse it is for those who die from it, I can not, I just can’t take it as good fortune for anyone to get it. I have little fear of the ways to die, I have been been beaten unconscious as a kid and suffered some really bad things I thought would kill me from the pain, but suffication is the one fear I have. I am not claustrophobic, but I do have shortness of breath and when I can not get enough air in I start to panic. The virus attacks your lungs and you suffocate to death. It is like drowning to me. I can not stand the thought of it. So I and Ron are doing our best to avoid it, and I would hope no one gets it ever again. Which I know is a false hope as many are every day. Stay safe my friend, be well. I worry about you. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — March 25, 2020 @ 15:54

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