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March 25, 2020

Don Quixote

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Guess my mood?  This too will pass.    Hugs


  1. I saw Gordon Lightfoot at Acadia University in 1972. Then again in 2010. Let me tell you, the audience had changed! It was all grey-haired people. . . :). He’s still performing and is in his 80’s. Just a great musician. 🙂

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    Comment by Carmen — March 25, 2020 @ 13:49

    • Hello Carmen. Thank you for telling me this. I love his music. I thought he had given it up. I have never been to a concert. I know hard to believe for one my age, but it never presented itself. As much as I love stand up comedy I never went to comedy club either. Something I have regretted. After this virus thing is over I plan to fix that.

      Do you have favorite Lightfoot songs for certain moods? I am skipping around, having trouble concentrating and my mood is all over the place and not good.

      How is teaching the grandkids going? I hope all are being well and staying safe. It must be both a joy to be with Grandma and yet she is now the teacher, ouch. How is Grandma dealing? I bet there was plenty of grand baked snacks to help.


      Comment by Scottie — March 25, 2020 @ 14:07

      • Hi Scottie, I wrote you a long, explanatory comment but it disappeared – that’s happened before. So I’ll make a few short comments.
        I am not minding the grandchildren as our Premier has advised that we all stay home as much as possible. Our first case in the province was announced on March 15th and things have tightened since then. Only essential services are still working, and they have strict guidelines in place. Our Premier also declared an Emergency last Sunday, so that the RCMP would have powers to fine people who disregarded what they’ve been told . .. and our political officials are taking what the Chief Medical officers are having to say seriously. In fact, all news conferences – provincial and federal – defer to the experts. Since we have a daughter-in-law who is a Public Health nurse, she has our safety as paramount. Which means we don’t see much of the grandchildren – well, out the window visits are still possible. 🙂

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        Comment by Carmen — March 25, 2020 @ 15:06

        • Hello Carmen. Grand! Sorry if I seem heartless for your not being able to see your grandchildren, but that is the very correct procedures to follow right now. I wish the US had as much thought and spine as your leaders. I had to go out today even though I did not want to because I had a medication that I needed to pick up. I went in and got it, but in the time it took me to do it another person there started spouting nonsense heard on a far right or Christian channel. After I spoke up and corrected him, he got right up to me and I had to motion for him to move back. Far too many people around here are not taking this seriously. I again advised the check out clerk that wipes for the keypad would be nice and she told me they couldn’t get them. She sprayed and wiped it every 15 minutes as she could she said. Then again I just responded to Dylan who is in California on his blog where he was saying if you were under 65 you did not need to worry about this virus. That is totally not ture. Young people are dying as well. The misinformation and lies of tRump and the right tRump loving media are going to get a lot of people killed. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — March 25, 2020 @ 15:36

  2. Also, if you’re on Facebook and want to improve your mood, I’d suggest you join Nova Scotia Kitchen Party – Covid 19 Edition. There are some fabulous musicians on there and a few of my friends. In the Premier’s latest News Conference he thanked the people of Nova Scotia who are part of the “Caremongering Force” online, trying to get the message across that we are all in this together. He even grinned when he said it, and he’s a very serious guy! 🙂

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    Comment by Carmen — March 25, 2020 @ 15:12

    • Hello Carmen. That sounds wonderful, but I am not on facebook. A long time ago I signed up with my nom de plume Scottiestoybox simply to keep anyone else from using it. After my blog got going three other people created Scotty toy box in different forms and I did not want anyone doing that on Facebook. So I have an account but it is “deactive”.

      However Carmen there is one thing you could do for me, just when you have spare time to kill ( opps bad choice of words ) is to send me recipes of breads. I had three bread makers I loved and produced the lightest sweetest bread I ever tasted. After the last one died I waited about ten years and bought another one. A different make. The bread it made was horrible. No matter how I adjusted it it came out bad. So we put it away in the bottom of the pantry where I doubt it will see the light of day again.

      But I bought Ron a Kitchenaid pro mixer, a huge beast with all the attachments. We have been talking about how to use it. I bought it for him a year ago and it has sat on the counter never used. It was what he wanted, and has talked about for years.

      When I asked why he was not using it he admitted he doesn’t have recipes that call for it. So if you have some breads or other recipes I can use it for and then show Ron that would be grand. Again only when you have free time. I hate the idea that something that expensive and something he has talked about for so many years has just sitting there. I would make pizza dough or breads or whatever recipes you want to share. Thanks again. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — March 25, 2020 @ 16:14

      • Nowadays I always google recipes, Scottie – you’ll find that people comment on most of them and it’s very helpful. Also there should have been a cookbook with your mixer. .they usually have good recipes, suited to the appliance. 🙂

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        Comment by Carmen — March 25, 2020 @ 17:21

        • Hello Carmen. Thank you , I will look them up. But if you do find you have favorite baking recipes, feel free to sending to me. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — March 25, 2020 @ 17:34

  3. Scottie, I just posted on the latest blog about our love for Lightfoot’s music. True story. We went to see him when he came to town, as we had thought he had died. So, we felt we must go see him now. His storytelling between songs was as enjoyable as the music. He is indeed a troubadour. Keith

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    Comment by Keith — March 26, 2020 @ 09:39

    • Hello Keith. That is grand that you got to see him. I will try to check out your post later today. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — March 27, 2020 @ 05:18

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