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Personally my fall has made my pain situation much worse.  I am very much disrupted by this.  I told Dennis the other day my pain was under control.  I was wrong.   Yes I have had times of more pain due to one thing or another but this is greatly different.  I can barely walk with a lot of pain. I have to keep getting up when sitting due to the pain far more frequently than the past.   I won’t bore anyone with my issues, but yesterday I took the entire day off due to pain.  I had barely started reading things when I had to go lay down again.   Laying down helps until it causes intense pain it self.  A vicious circle.  Today I have not been able to eat due to pain and trust me that will play heck with me as I am a diabetic.   I will wait until Friday and if It doesn’t seem better I will call my pain doctor for an emergency appointment.  The X-Ray showed more of the expected damage but not anything drastically from before.  The normal amount of arthritis and other bone problems I have.   Which led the person who called me with the results to offer I had probably done more damage to my back, my spine in the fall to account for the pain and limitations.  I have promised to post the results when I got them and I will.  Maybe one of you will understand it, I sure don’t.   I am going back to reading the news on my open tabs, be well, be safe, be happy.  Stay alive.   Hugs


8 thoughts on “I am going out of my mind

  1. Oh my gosh Scottie! When did you fall? It all sounds so familiar! Two weeks ago I fell and was on the floor four hours before anyone heard me! Broken femur and enough pain to last a lifetime! In in a nursing home now and looking for an escape hztch! The food is inedible and like you, I won’t even mention the pain! They had me up walking two hours after the surgery and that was loads of fun!

    Happily for me though is that the healing process is going well and it gets better every day. Haven’t found a chair I credit in more than five minutes or a good position for sleep but in sure this too shall pass! Know that you are in my prayers!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello kentuckyangel24. I fell last the last week on Monday the 16th. I am sorry to hear you fell also. I am glad you are healing and that you will soon escape the home.
      The x-rayed the hip and it all looked good so the fall must have done more damage to my back. A year or so ago I suddenly couldn’t use my left leg. It felt like I had broken my knee. That was simply the nerve in my back that addressed that area of my body was being messed with in my spine. So It must be the same but this time it is my right leg and any movement or sitting causes intense pain, when trying to walk the movement of the leg it causes sharp pain that renders the leg unable to support me. I am using a cane all the time now. I figure I will give it until monday as my doctor just increased my morphine, and if it doesn’t get better so I can walk I am going to call for an appointment and have them go up on my pain medications.
      Again sorry to hear you broke your leg, glad you are healing. Keep up the good spirits.
      Talk with you later. Hugs


  2. Nan says:

    I cannot “like” this so I will simply let you know I read it … and DID NOT like what I read. Are you sure you want to wait until Friday???


  3. Believe me, I UNDERSTAND. I have a bad back due to a violent relationship I was in (actually more than one) & arthritic knees from years of being a professional dancer. & I live up here in the land of damp springs & cold winters so some days I can barely move!!

    Thank the goddess I am not (yet) a diabetic but diabetes runs in my family & I have always been aware of it. My father developed diabetes in his elder years & it wrecked havoc with his health. But there’s diabetes on both sides of the family.

    I was on bed-rest when I was pregnant with my son James & I kept a small cache of snacks nearby so I didn’t have to get up when the little monster inside of me demanded to be fed. Maybe that’s a good idea for you, too. It’s a good way to gain a ton of weight but you can’t have everything.

    HANG IN THERE, BABY!!!!! Sending healing vibes & love.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello silverapplequeen. I am glad you are not a diabetic. It is not much fun, but then no disease is.
      Sorry you got your back injured. Backs tend to never heal fully and once hurt they not only stay hurt they get worse.
      Congratulations on birthing a child, that is really hard on a woman’s body. Most people have no idea the strain on a female’s body to carry a child to term.
      Thank you for the suggestion, Ron has been really diligent about checking to see if I need anything to keep me from having to try to walk much. He has even gotten up during the day when he was sleeping to check on me. He is pretty cool.
      Thank you for the support.


  4. randy says:

    I’m with Nan on this, and I will be harassing you by text later. Get in to see your pain doctor. Do you remember the old joke “Doc it hurts when I do (this)….” Doc: Well then don’t do that!

    So….. Don’t wait to see if the pain goes away! It hurts when you do that!

    🙂 Gentle hugs

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Randy. I know you love me and care. I will call and get an appointment. However remember the state of Florida has strict laws on pain clinics as they think they know more how to treat severe pain. Yes they are Republicans and yes they want people to live in pain. Hugs


    2. Scottie says:

      Hello Randy. Add to my last reply: … Except Rush Limbaugh who got hundreds of oxycontin a day and thousands a month. Hugs


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