Goodbye Granny

Hello claytoonz, A great breakdown on the attempts to profit by both the religious and the Republicans. These religious politicians will use any excuse possible to push their Christian religions doctrines into our secular laws. Hugs



In case you haven’t noticed by now, Republicans are in a contest with each other to see who can be the vilest, most despicable, horrid person in their party. Keep in mind, this is the party that lied and said President Obama was creating death panels as part of Obamacare. The story here, whose biggest advocate was Sarah Palin, was that there would be panels deciding which old people to kill off.

The irony is that the GOP can stomach a lot of death. They value semi-automatic weapons over the lives of children. Kim Jong Un kills an American college student and the best Donald Trump can say is that the communist dictator “feels bad about it.” They don’t care about immigrant children dying in the desert or in the custody of Border Patrol. They don’t care if people in this nation die because they can’t afford medical treatment and…

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Granny

  1. Nan March 27, 2020 / 12:12

    You know … even when I was a sold-out believer, I would have had considerable difficulty swallowing some of this stuff. Yet there are literally millions who swallow it down as if it were the wine and crackers at a Catholic mass. It’s truly difficult to believe that people are so gullible … but they are. The most definitely are.

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    • Scottie March 27, 2020 / 12:34

      Hello Nan. Yes and you do not have to be religious to be gullible either.

      OT. You might want to know I called my pain doctor. She is going to call me and do a televisit with me. It is some kind of video call where she can address my pain without me having to come into the office. I understand she will call me about 2 PM but also as I know their office runs behind. Hugs

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      • Nan March 27, 2020 / 12:43

        Good to know! Personally, I have real reservations you getting even more pain medication based on what you’ve said you take, but by the same token, one has to be able to live (at least relatively) comfortably …

        Keep us posted.

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        • Scottie March 27, 2020 / 12:57

          Hello Nan. That is the issue, quality of life. That is what they base the treatment on. My quality of life had shrank to mostly my home office before the fall, but I could walk around the house reasonably well and do small stuff, even go to the grocery store for small shops using my cane. Right now I can not walk around the house hardly even with support from my cane, I cannot stand the pain to sit, I am having trouble with even sitting on the toilet because of the pain. So yes I need more medication, but she may give me a break through medication or a short term increase. I will see. She may not increase it at all, but I doubt she would go that route. Hugs

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