Please help where you can

My Husband is a ICU healthcare provider.   He is a CNAA.  The demand is real.  The number of PTs are growing exponentially.   The supply shortage is damningly drastically critical.   These workers are putting themselves and their families on the line to take care of people who are dying from this very real virus.  The stimulus bill gave 500 billion leveraged times 10 which is in the trillions, yet for hospitals less than 1.5 billion from reporting I have read.  The government cares more for the feelings of wall street wealthy than the life of workers and the poor in hospitals who are sick and dying.  

The states are bidding against each other to get whatever supplies they can.  This is jacking up the prices massively.  The manufactures are loving this.  The sudden increase in profits on top of the already huge profit margins of these products are mind boggling.  The solution is simple but our government won’t do it because businesses making huge profits off the lower incomes is their dream come true.   The federal government needs to take the needs of all the states, go to the manufactures as one bidder, order the supplies, and give them out to the states fairly without politics of the dear leader in the way.  Thank you for contacting your elected officials and leaning on them as much as you can.  

Personally I fear every time my husband leaves for work.  He puts on a brave face, but I know he is worried.  We have taken steps to deal with his uniforms / clothing worn at work to keep them from spreading any hazards to the rest of the house and family.   When he arrives home I open the doors where needed.   He doesn’t touch things or us at all until he showers and sprays disinfections where needed.   This is some of what we are dealing with each night he works.  Think of the anxiety many people have going shopping for essentials right now, multiply that many more times because he is dealing with known PTs that do have this virus.    Add to this is the fact that both Ron and myself are considered high risk.  With our medical conditions if we get this we are most likely to die instead of recovering.   Hugs

Editorial Cartoon U.S. New Orleans Coronavirus Hurricane Katrina aid hospitals flooding

One thought on “Please help where you can

  • I’ve been thinking of you two throughout this so far. Coming home isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be! sigh


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