San Diego Police Grocery Shop for 95-Year-Old Widower

I have often, very often posted when police officers and the departments they belong to do something wrong such as take a life when it is clear they shouldn’t have.   It is only fitting I post when they do something really correct and right.   In this case they really went above and beyond.   I grew up with the idea of police officers who serve and protect the community they were in.   Granted I grew up in a small rural cow town, but the police were not there just to punish or issue tickets.   If a student at the local 1-6th grade school needed to go to a doctor appointment or other place and the parents couldn’t take them, the local police department would.  The police department did things like in this video, they checked on people, knew almost everyone in town by name.   They were respectful and it was never adversarial to deal with them.   I wonder what changed?  Oh I know, when we militarized the police forces.   They went from peace officers, to armed forces to deal with all outside threats.  That is the job of the military, not our local police who we need for helping the people in need.   Hugs

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