3 thoughts on “Uninsured Teen With COVID-19 Symptoms Dies After Being Denied Care

  • And still some people don’t want to work towards a full health service where Insurance is not needed. They already think the ACA is a step too far but I know some Repugs are scared of that going.


  • Unquestionably criminal! Perish the thought wealthy right wing conservatives might make “socialist” healthcare concessions, but how ironic every last one of them embraces socialism when seeking government money at bail-out time. Disgusting.

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    • Hello Notes To Ponder. Well said, very well said. I am out of answers at this point. To not treat someone clearly very ill and in distress because of lack of insurance is obscene, inhuman, disgusting, unacceptable, and more emotions right now than I can express. Yet in the US it is not only legal, it is demanded by both those making money off the health insurance business and those running the clinics. The point is not healthcare to help people, it is healthcare for profit. Madness. Hugs

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