Trump administration adds firearms to federal list of critical pandemic infrastructure

The new language, added Saturday to the website of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, now deems as critical  “Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers,
distributors, and shooting ranges.”

Previously-designated critical industries include energy, food production, emergency services, government offices, transportation and healthcare.

The list is meant to be advisory for state and local governments in their decision making — as they “work to protect their communities while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety” during the pandemic, the website says.

It was met with praise by the group “Gun Owners of America,” which said in a statement Saturday that it is encouraged President Trump’s administration is not ignoring “the ability to protect yourself” during the emergency.

11 thoughts on “Trump administration adds firearms to federal list of critical pandemic infrastructure

    • Hello cornfedcontessa. Yes, true. But it is so stupid. Who really believes selling guns or even making guns for civilian use is an essential service. He is placing people at risk to please some of the gun loving nuts in his cult of followers. Hugs

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      • I had an incident recently where a stranger walked up to our son in our driveway asking for money. I sent him on his way. I posted it on Facebook, and I couldn’t believe how many people said I should have a gun. Not happening here. I just hope this situation doesn’t get worse and we go back to the Wild West.

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        • Hello cornfedcontessa. I am glad you were able to take charge of the situation without needing a feel strong item like a gun. Guns in situations like that can cause more trouble as people tend to escalate when they have a gun.

          The wild west as a shooting gun play run wild idea is a hollywood myth. In reality many cities and large towns were gun free zones. Also remember guns were expensive in those days and so was ammo. Very few would have wasted the ammo. But that truth did not make for good movies. Now the comparisons you need to make is you hope this situation doesn’t get worse and the US becomes a wartorn gang violence failed nation state. More than we already are. Hugs

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  • The closing of gun shooting ranges was ridiculous from the beginning. Not only affected a section of the industry but also affected responsible gun owners that regularly train and exercise their rights as free Americans to shoot their weapons in a safe environment.


    • Hello 1radicalman. I totally disagree. We are finding out more about CV19 all the time, but remember there is still a lot not known. We know that there is a segment of the population who are asymptomatic, and are spreading the virus because they think they don’t need to take or follow precautions. We did know how virulent this virus was, how easily it spread, and how easily it was to catch. The operative word was / is essential. Essential services and goods needed to stay open despite the risk, but all others needed to be closed and stay closed to protect the population at large and to keep the hospital systems from total collapse. My husband works in an ICU. He and his co-workers faced an overwhelming patient load with a shortage of protective gear. He and his co-workers faced not only catching the virus but giving it to their families. So no, gun ranges are not essential, they are not worth the risk of people dying, and they are not worth adding to the strain on the medical providers. Hugs


    • My other-half is an ardent gun-owner. He does not hunt live game but does enjoy testing and improving his skills at gun ranges. Having said that, he also falls into the category of those who would most likely die if he contracted the virus due to underlying health conditions. For him, the opening up of services not considered “essential” and the scores of people not wearing protective masks (which, BTW, would protect HIM, not the wearer) has created a great deal of concern and worry on his part.

      This virus is not going to just “go away.” It is going to continue to spread and kill, contrary to what the president says or the public in general wants to believe. So while I appreciate your perspective, it’s important that ALL of us accept that life is not going to return to “normal” for quite some time. Maybe never.

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