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March 31, 2020

Spam folder

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This morning Randy told me a comment he left disappeared.   I went looking and there was nothing in trash.  Then I looked into the spam and I found a bunch of recent comments.   The spam folder automatically deletes after a few days so I don’t know how many were lost.  I don’t know why these comments went to spam.    If you don’t hear back from a comment in a reasonable time let me know.   I normally try to answer every comment in a short time frame.  I do go to bed early in the evening so any late comments will get answered in the morning.   Other than that if you don’t get a reply from me then I did not see the comment.   Again sorry for all the lost comments.    Hugs


  1. Scottie – that’s happened to me, once, but on several occasions I’ve gotten the msg “Your comment cannot be posted at this time,” which bums me out, since I can’t go back and copy/save it, and my whole train of thought just roars off the rails at that point. Not your fault, I know, it’s some oddity that’s not even restricted to WordPress – it’s happened to me at MPS as well.

    No biggie, I never really have anything “earth-shattering” to share, and I rarely criticize, it’s just that it’s disheartening to see my “hard work” vanish into the Ether of Cyberspace.

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    Comment by Dennis Cole — March 31, 2020 @ 13:37

    • Hello Dennis. I had not had this happen before. It worries me because I like the comments and I love to answer them.

      On another topic. I called my pain clinic today as things were not making sense from my visit yesterday. I thought my provider had increased my morphine as the doctor who gave me my shots said I was at 90, and Brenda told me in the hallway she had sent in my scripts, but I had none due unless she increased something. Turns out that I was at the max the state allows and their 90 is different from the MG of the tablets. When I asked the lady I was talking to what could be done she said nothing with the medications I have. I asked if they could add something. She said they would have to redo all my pain medications to increase it. I was slightly angry at this as clearly my need for an emergency visit yesterday was I couldn’t walk even supported. She said I would need to come in for an office visit to have that done. I said I would make the appointment and then she asked I wait a week to give the shot time to fully work. Oh well. It maybe getting time to talk to her about that medication you are on. We will see if the shot helps and I can walk again. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — March 31, 2020 @ 14:10

      • Scottie – don’t forget to ask what your classification is; are you “Long-term Chronic Pain,” (which I was,) or “Palliative Care,” which is where I am, and where you should be. If You’re not Palliative, ask nicely why not, and could they please make that designation official. That way, your Dr. can go over the Morphine Equiv, but only with certain medications. However, the DEA and the FDA are both in favor of Buprenorphine, as it IS less addicting, because it lacks that euphoric feeling associated with other opioids.

        If nothing else, at least you’ll have some vital questions answered, and where you stand in getting the best solutions for your problems, because NO ONE should have to live with excruciating pain levels.

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        Comment by Dennis Cole — March 31, 2020 @ 15:03

        • Hello Dennis. Like I said I have been in pain but it was managed. Then over the last few years it was not being managed as well. While I did add in spine and back shots I cut back on my activities. It got to the point that recently I asked for the pain meds to be increased and my provider did, adding back in the morphine I had stopped a few years ago. Then the day after I fell I asked them to go up from twice a day to three. I did not realize that was the max now because I have been on a lot more in the past. This is the curse of trying to do the right thing, I guess. However the fall did damage and awaken more pain in me, and in my attempts to get medications to handle it I am finding that the state of Florida has made it hard for people to get pain relief. Legislators with profit on their mind think they know more than people with advanced degrees.

          So I will wait this out a week or so to see if it improves. If not I will again demand an office visit to fix this. As you say , no one should live in pain such as to make life miserable and not worth living. With the medical science we have today people shouldn’t live being tortured. I put up with too much pain far too long. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — March 31, 2020 @ 16:03

          • Good, Scottie. But what a time for this to have happen?!?!?!?! As if there WAS a good time.


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            Comment by Dennis Cole — March 31, 2020 @ 17:00

  2. I’ve found it’s a good idea to go to your Admin page every so often because it will tell you if there are any comments in the Spam queue. I admit I forget … but occasionally I get an email “request” to approve a comment by a new person and rather than automatically click “Approve,” I open the Admin page to be sure it’s from a valid source.

    Just this morning I found comments in my Spam box from a regular contributor to my blog and a few days back someone else that visits regularly was sent there. Have no idea why for either of these people. Probably just another glitch in WP.

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    Comment by Nan — March 31, 2020 @ 13:55

  3. I check my spam folder on a regular basis, usually every other day.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — April 1, 2020 @ 05:39

    • Hello silverapplequeen. I get tons of spam every day but that is a good suggestion. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — April 1, 2020 @ 06:11

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