French evangelical church set off a COVID-19 ‘atomic bomb’

French evangelical church set off a COVID-19 ‘atomic bomb’

AUTHORITIES say they have traced COVID-19 infections in France to the country’s second largest evangelical church, run by Samuel Peterschmitt, above, who is recovering from the virus.

In a plea that should be heeded by idiotic American evangelical pastors who are defying lock-down orders he went on urge his followers to respect the social distancing measures introduced by the French authorities.

On April 1, The Washington Post reported that a health official described a prayer meeting that attracted 2,500 people to Peterschmitt’s church, which has been accused of operating like a cult,  as:

A kind of atomic bomb that went off in the town in late February that we didn’t see.

Someone in the crowd had the virus and kicked off what soon became one of Europe’s largest regional clusters of infections, which then quickly spread across the country and eventually overseas.

More at the link above.    Hugs

4 thoughts on “French evangelical church set off a COVID-19 ‘atomic bomb’

  • This should get BROAD and repeated coverage! But has it? You regularly check news sources … have you see it anywhere else?

    It’s proof-positive … AGAIN … that church gatherings are hotspots for the spread of the virus. Notwithstanding … “God.”

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