Sacramento Pentecostal Megachurch Linked To Over 70 Coronavirus Cases

Sacramento Pentecostal Megachurch Linked To Over 70 Coronavirus Cases

Please head over for a read on pure stupidity.  They are holding services even while the some of the pastors and leaders are ill with the virus.   They are totally disregarding the idea of social distancing and gathering while a bunch of their fellow worshipers are ill with Covid-19 and a large number of the others exposed.   looking to magic for a safety when science already told them how to protect themselves.   Their magic seems not to be working out very well.   Hugs 

12 thoughts on “Sacramento Pentecostal Megachurch Linked To Over 70 Coronavirus Cases

  • Scottie, whether they are religious, business, charity, or governmental, people in positions of leadership need to remember they are stewards of the public trust. When they violate that trust in such an acute way, their followers will remember. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. My fear is far too many will either not remember, not care, or find a way to blame the effects of their leaders actions on someone else. Hugs


      • Scottie, we must remind our legislators we will hold them accountable. We are six weeks behind where we need to be due to the lack of leadership and the misinformation continues to this day. I posted this thought with the attached letter to the editor of mine on my two senators and congressman’s websites.

        Misinformation and disinformation abound with COVID-19. The line we must use when we see incredulous Facebook posts or hear fabricated conspiracy theories (like Bill Gates concocted COVID-19 to make money), or the simple echoing of misinformation by the president, is “I would encourage you to listen to the truthtellers.” When asked, you can mention the doctors and scientists. If asked to elaborate further, you can say “Listen to the people not patting themselves on the back telling what a great job they are doing.”

        They will likely not listen, but we need to tell them we need the truth and leadership. Keith

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    • Hello Nan. What stuns me is they still persist while their own church leadership have the virus.

      According to a sermon from Sunday posted online, the church’s senior pastor, Adam Bondaruk, is hospitalized with the virus, as are two other pastors, who were described as “critically ill” by an unidentified pastor in the video.

      I think if the ones preaching that god protects them getting ill from this and then they get it, I really would question the idea that god is protection from the virus. But that is me. And like you say I have not been brainwashed and indoctrinated. Hugs


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