4 thoughts on “Act of doubt

  • Scottie – it’s part & parcel of that whole “God has a Plan for you, but you also have Free Will.” The cognitive dissonance I experienced from that at the tender age of 11 or 12 caused me to begin my “Catholic Reformation” period. God has a Plan, he’s perfect, it’s perfect, until I decide to alter it with some beseechments or supplications. Then what happens? Did god know I was going to do that? Then doesn’t that negate my Free Will? No Priest or Nun could answer that, or even try to; I was told not to muddle my thoughts with doubts like those, and use my Faith. God works in mysterious ways, all right. So mysterious they’re impossible, but what do I know, I’m no god.

    At least I wasn’t molested by any priests, but man, those nuns wouldn’t hesitate to whack you a coupla good ones with those thick wooden rods they wielded. I remember a time when a classmate was going to be punished for some infraction by placing his outstretched hand on his desk, to have his knuckles “rapped.” They got rapped alright, with 2 broken. But his parents never said squat, and it was never discussed again, but Sister Mary Vicious Sadist of the Black order backed off a bit. Good times, good times.


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    • Hello Dennis. I like this only because I am glad you shared it, but it angered me to hear of the abuse suffered by you and your classmates. What thought pattern ever gave nuns the idea that to cause such pain, bodily harm, break a child’s bones which will affect them all their life is their right? Why wouldn’t that be a huge sin?

      I am glad you were not molested.

      I am glad you had the ability to reason on religion. Many by your tender age had reason indoctrinated out of them. Congratulations. I am glad you made it out. Hugs


    • Hello Carmen. It has always been something that bothered me about the issue. An all knowing deity was going to alter the perfect plan because I, a sinful fallen human begged? Never made sense. Hugs


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