8 thoughts on “Vote Blue in 2020, all down the ticket

  1. Nan April 10, 2020 / 15:49

    Scottie, I sent you an email related to the election …

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    • Scottie April 10, 2020 / 21:28

      Hello Nan. Just found it. As always thanks for the heads up.

      Yes Nan I have been following this. This was something that came out two weeks ago in progressive news. The idea, which I am not sure I believe in, was that the party would force Bernie out and then at the convention replace Biden with Cuomo. The real issue is distrust in the party leadership to follow the will of the people, and also that Biden is a really weak candidate. He has never won a presidential race he ran in. He is floundering even on his own broadcast from his basement. Contrast that to Bernie who is still talking strong and with detail from his living room. I admit I am worried.

      If the party were to suddenly shift to Cuomo who had not run and says he doesn’t want the position, by passing the person who got the second most delegates would simply destroy the party and any chance of winning the general.

      However this does fit the narrative that the party is trying to simply pick who the corporate donors want and forget all the money and effort of the people. I admit I am worried about the backroom deals going on, the so called “smoke filled rooms” of the old days. We have to admit the very wealthy would like to control who is elected regardless of the wishes of the people. Look at Bloomberg’s run. He spent over 500 million just to defeat Warren, and when she dropped out so basically did he. Remember his grand pledges to keep his operatives in the field, that was a lie and they are suing him for firing them. It was all about making sure a progressive did not win and did not stop their massive wealth drain from the lower incomes to the upper top incomes. Hugs


        • Scottie April 11, 2020 / 07:33

          Hello Nan. Yes after a few very disasters of attempts to message they had a real video studio set up in his basement. Has not improved his performance much but the quality is better and doesn’t just hang up of the sound drop off. This is the state of the fight we have right now. tRump is giving daily rallies called briefings covered by all the broadcast networks and news channels and the Democratic nominee is doing video live streams from his basement for YouTube. Hugs


          • Nan April 11, 2020 / 11:29


            One can’t help but wonder … what next?

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            • Scottie April 11, 2020 / 17:44

              Hello Nan. But again the Dear Leader gets a daily briefing rally to be seen in charge and spouting his reality of things, while Biden is broadcasting on YouTube from his basement. Not a even playing field and going to be hard to turn into a Democrat win. We have to get the excitement going for the Democrat, which with the way Biden disses young people, I simply doubt we can. You do remember his dismissive insulting of young people thinking they had it hard these days while his generation changed the world? Hugs


              • Nan April 11, 2020 / 17:55

                I WILL vote for Biden. However …

                Do I like Biden? Not particularly. Do I think he can win? Debatable. Do I think he has a good platform? No.

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