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May 21, 2020

The Hot New Far-Right Trend: Claiming a Disability to Avoid Wearing a Mask

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“If they have severe breathing difficulties—asthma, or other significant respiratory problems—if a mask makes their breathing more labored, they’d be protected under the ADA,” Gostin told The Daily Beast. “But you need to be able to demonstrate that you’re disabled. It can’t be an idle claim.”

An early iteration of the meme, flagged by fact-checking site Snopes this month, called it a “mask loophole.” The original post, in a conspiratorial Facebook group, offered a script to follow. It told readers to falsely claim they had a medical condition that prohibited wearing a mask. If questioned, the person was told to answer that “according to HIPAA regulations, you’re not allowed to ask me that. Please don’t discriminate against those who can not wear masks.”

That is not how HIPAA, an act that prevents health-care workers from sharing your medical details, works. People like Lewis tried using the script anyway.

The earlier Facebook post has since been refashioned with a more formal-looking image, adding photoshopping on an ADA logo, as well as legal gobbledegook threatening a $75,000 violation for businesses that ask a person why they aren’t wearing a mask. Shortly after the images emerged, believers began spamming them into the comments sections for local businesses.

Two of the most popular memes in this genre look like hall passes that can be printed out and stuffed in the hands of Walgreens workers. “ATTN government agents,” reads one. “Please provide lawful and necessary consideration to aid the bearer in the unimpeded exercise of constitutionally protected rights.” The other includes the mailing address of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, vaguely implying the flyer might be federally sanctioned.

As with many successful disinformation ploys, the claims have a kernel of truth. If a person has a legitimate disability that prevents them from wearing a mask, the ADA might require businesses to let them in. But even in the case of a legitimate disability, Gostin noted, a business would be legally allowed to bar a person who was “endangering the public.”


As with many successful disinformation ploys, the claims have a kernel of truth. If a person has a legitimate disability that prevents them from wearing a mask, the ADA might require businesses to let them in. But even in the case of a legitimate disability, Gostin noted, a business would be legally allowed to bar a person who was “endangering the public.”

And if a person were to prove medically unable to wear a mask, it would only be doubly important for those around them to wear protective equipment.

“A person with asthma or other respiratory problems is a highly vulnerable individual,” Gostin said. “If they were to get COVID-19, it’d be a stronger likelihood that they might get a very serious illness, resulting in hospitalization or death. They’re more likely to contract the illness if exposed, so we need widespread masking to protect persons with disabilities.”

Nevertheless, the supposed anti-mask pass seemed to be creeping toward the mainstream. One popular version, with hundreds of shares, was uploaded by a Flat Earther on Facebook. (For all anti-maskers’ gripes that masks are tyrannical, the uploader had liked the Facebook page for an openly pro-Nazi Flat Earth YouTuber, who recently released a rap with the lyric “you are blind so fuck what you say, I’ll expose the flat Earth and Heil Hitler all day.”) Longshot ex-congressional candidate James Marter shared one version earlier this month.

More at the link above.    Hugs


  1. Wow. So evangelicals are now going out of their way to deliberately harm others.


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    Comment by john zande — May 21, 2020 @ 13:54

    • Hello John. Any one who doesn’t want to wear a mask is pulling this crap. It is not only anti science, anti the law, and anti the constitution what they are claiming but it hurts real efforts to get disability access. These people get their kicks out of trying to get over on others, sticking it to the liberals type thing. What they are doing is hurting everyone. I was just telling Nan, hospital cases in the south are skyrocketing, ICUs over loaded. It is happening just like in New York because these assholes led by tRump couldn’t wait another 4 weeks to keep mass infections down. Oh but they must have their hair done and their hook ups in the bar or it is against their rights or something. To hell with all the people they just caused to get sick along with themselves. It makes me angry knowing my husband could have caught this caring for very ill people with this and these assholes demand the right to spread it. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 21, 2020 @ 15:11

  2. This is so totally NOT RIGHT!!! But of course, that makes not one iota difference to these imbeciles.

    As I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, my other-half happens to have childhood asthma so YES! If he were to contract the virus it could very well end his life. Since these neanderthals refuse to wear masks, he must wear an N-95 mask — the only mask that filters out the air he breathes in, thus protecting him from the virus contaminants that OTHERS are breathing out.

    Unfortunately, these masks do not last forever, but due to the virus they are not currently available for general public purchase so all he can hope for is the one he has continues to provide him protection.

    The selfishness of some (many!) human beings is mind-boggling. Although it’s always present, in a crisis like this it’s even more astonishing,

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    Comment by Nan — May 21, 2020 @ 14:05

    • Hello Nan. Yes. I am sorry about your husband’s condition, if we had any N-95 left I would send them to you. Please see my response to John. I do not get the point of the drummed up issue of freedom about wearing a mask. It is not against your personal rights to be made to wear one both at a private business which can require you to wear any legal item they want, nor in public from the government that has legal authority to require what is worn in public. No shoes no service is not thought of as an attack on liberty? Being forced to have coverings over ones genitals in public is not thought of as an attack on your civil liberties? Be well. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 21, 2020 @ 15:29

  3. The is an arrogance here in America since Trump took the reigns . people are refusing to take precautions in public shouting “ this is a free country!” , confronting anyone who asked them to observe distance guidelines. Other countries have regulations, we have suggestions that even our federal government mocks. I too have asthma, I’m a nurse, these people should be held to regulations if they want to be outside in public. They are ignorant and have never seen the inside of an overwhelmed hospital covid unit, a nightmare. They may if they don’t wise up.

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    Comment by House of Heart — May 21, 2020 @ 14:39

    • Hello House of Heart. These people don’t even understand what the slogans they shout mean. They don’t mind violating the civil rights of others, as they demand made up ones for themselves. I do wish they could have seen the units you work in as well as the ICUs my husband works in. Be well. Stay safe. Hugs

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Scottie — May 21, 2020 @ 15:36

      • Some people care only for themselves. Plus They have no idea how horrible this illness can be. The example sat by Trump is deplorable. He’s unfit for office.

        Liked by 2 people

        Comment by House of Heart — May 21, 2020 @ 17:05

  4. Now I know why deep down I’ve been working so hard to stay home by coming up with project after project (except cleaning my house never makes the top of the list–weird). I’ve been living in my garden and going to home depot (with mask and gloves on) to shop the garden section and get the heck out again.

    I’m about to have the kids next door keep their distance more than they did before. I’m okay with them playing with the dogs, but they gotta stay out of my garden while I’m in it unless they’re gonna stick to the 6 foot rule. I don’t wear PPE in my yard after all. They’re bored and they wanna talk, but the more I go back to work, the more these tantrums go on, the more I want to isolate.

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    Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — May 21, 2020 @ 15:30

    • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. I understand. In these times kids need to be taught, they do not have the understanding adults have and may not be getting the teaching at home. Think of England during the world war 2. The black outs, the air raid drills and required sheltering. What would have happened to these people claiming it was against their rights to be made to turn off their lights, to go into a shelter? We have to remind these people hat they are part of society not a person alone by themselves. They owe a duty to their fellow man, and they are part of a collective. IF they don’t like that, want to live by the rules, they are free to leave and deport to the nearest people free place and stay there, never to return. There is a price for being a member of society, and they need to pay up. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 21, 2020 @ 17:17

  5. Scottie, I was thinking of my reaction as I walked into a grocery store today with a mask on if someone said something derogatory. My reaction would be “You are welcome.” If asked why, I would say “My wearing a mask is more for other people than me. So, this is what I choose to do.” Keith

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    Comment by Keith — May 21, 2020 @ 17:04

    • Hello Keith. You are a gentleman. Straight up true a person of character. You also have a blind spot to think other people are going to be rational and maybe as good a person as you are. I admire both of those things in you. I respect you. There is no pretense from you, and I like that. The person who is going to say anything to you about wearing a mask is not going to be polite, rational, nor respectful. They are going to question you to get a response, an argument, something they can rail against. That is their MO. What they are out for. They live to be aggrieved, to feel put upon. Anything society asks of them to co-exist must some how be against their personal rights and liberty. Look at the armed protesters in MI. It is so emotional and not rational it confuses me and most of us. Best wishes. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 21, 2020 @ 18:14

      • If a store has a “wear a mask” policy in place right now, I hope they will put up a sign at the entrance saying “no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.” A slightly-amended classic. This way if someone goes “i don’t have to wear a mask. It’s my right.” then perhaps an employee or the manager goes. “then you have the right to shop elsewhere.”

        That’s what I loved most about that Costco video you linked to recently. Not just the employee’s spot on response, but you know management was backing him up. I despise employers that let whiny Karens throw tantrums and then placate them to avoid causing a scene (which just breeds resentment in the rest of the customers watching this). Nope, a management team that backs their employees and sticks to their policies for public health… the time for customer tantrums is done. Especially since everybody seems to rely on the very employees these entitled idiots verbally abuse daily. Back your workers… the customers are watching and the ones you’d want most anyway will take note and return over and over again.

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        Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — May 21, 2020 @ 21:50

        • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. Well said. I agree. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — May 22, 2020 @ 04:56

          • Thanks Scottie. I understand your point It is better not to argue with a street preacher. So, you are right someone who says that is looking for a reaction.

            Liked by 1 person

            Comment by Keith — May 22, 2020 @ 08:24

  6. I have claustrophobia & can’t stand having anything over my mouth & nose. In the middle of the coldest winter, I will never wear anything covering my face for warmth. I wear hats, yeah. But never a big scarf over my face like so many people do. I just can’t stand it!!

    But even I am wearing a mask when I am in a store. I do it for EVERYONE ELSE. As soon as I am out on the street again, I take it off, AND WHAT A RELIEF.

    I would NEVER try to use my disability as an excuse not to wear a mask during a time of pandemic. I am constantly amazed at the selfishness of other people.

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — May 22, 2020 @ 07:20

    • Hello silverapplequeen. Thank you. I am sorry to hear you are claustrophobic. You care about other people, which automatically puts you ahead of those who only think of themselves. Be well. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — May 22, 2020 @ 10:06

    • I feel ya. I have to wear a mask for the customers and I keep it on as long as I can. When I get a chance to get away from the desk, i take it off for a bit. The air gets hot under there because of all the talking I have to do. And then when leaving the office, I keep it on til I get to the car and take it right off. Summer’s coming and that heat’s going to suck.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — May 22, 2020 @ 22:52

      • Unfortunately, there are those who feel their personal comfort/freedom is more important than attempts to control this virus. I often wonder if their perspective will change if/when they’re laying in a hospital bed, barely able to breathe.

        Kudos to you for sticking it out!

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Nan — May 23, 2020 @ 12:12

      • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. Just as I thanked silverapplequeen for wearing a mask I thank you. My husband worked to care for Covid 19 patients in ICUs. He has worked ICUs for 17 years and this virus is the worse he has ever seen, what it does to the human body scared him. What he seen made him ask me to stay home, to wear a mask to even go out to talk to people or get a package, and to let him do all buying / shopping. I trust him, if he thinks it is that serious a virus then I do, and I hope others do also. Hugs

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Scottie — May 23, 2020 @ 21:11

  7. Hi Scottie;
    I had what I can only call an anxiety near meltdown in the store this week. I don’t like to admit to problems but with my surgeries, my job moving, struggling to meet the time needs for my side jobs, etc, I nearly got into a fight because I wasn’t handling the stress of other people crowding me well that day.
    The simple fact is that we are playing with something with this covid that could hurt/kill us or someone we really care about, and far too many people think it’s all fake. They think they are unique in understanding, wise in seeing through the government’s lies, or the democrat’s lies, or the media’s lies, and have no problem putting your life and their own at risk. There is no rationalizing with them, because they don’t believe what you tell them. There is no getting away from them because they will come towards you and grin like it’s a game as you do what you can to be safe. These idiots are stressing me out. I’m allowing them to ruin my day, my peace, and that’s no one’s fault but my own.
    These idiots here in Michigan… The upper counties are not very populated, so the outbreaks there are far less. Some have single digit outbreaks, while other counties are in the hundreds or thousands in the more populated areas. So, what is happening this weekend? People are going on vacation to the non-infected areas – which coincidentally usually have less healthcare facilities – and at the same time cussing out the Governor for her “over-reach” imposing “stay at home” orders.
    We are a very stupid people.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by randy — May 23, 2020 @ 14:28

    • And it will all come back to haunt them somewhere in the next 10-14 days. Try to keep that in the back of your mind as you struggle to contend with these ignoramuses.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Nan — May 23, 2020 @ 15:29

      • Hello Nan. It can be hard when dealing with long time friends and family, who think now that “We are over the worst of it” and the stay at home orders are being lifted so no more threat. These people act like the last three months did not happen and nearly 100,000 lives were not lost. Yesterday the Republican leaders in a TX pulled a stunt at the state house where they claimed it was all a hoax, take off your masks and hug the person next to you. They are really trying to format insurrection against their own governments. Hugs


        Comment by Scottie — May 24, 2020 @ 06:52

        • HARK! There be IDIOTS among us! 😠

          I was just reading about a couple of individuals who (not unlike many others) feel that because they’re not in the “susceptible” age group, they have no worries and so, of course, they need not take any precautions. Unfortunately, this is the mindset of TOO many and will, most definitely, take us to the 100,000 mark this weekend.

          It’s pure and unadulterated selfishness that, unfortunately, lurks within all of us … but at least some people don’t let it rule their lives.

          I trust you read/heard about the NY Times listing the 1,000 names of people who died from the coronavirus?

          Liked by 1 person

          Comment by Nan — May 24, 2020 @ 11:16

          • Hello Nan. Yes I thought it as a great way to make the point. Hugs


            Comment by Scottie — May 24, 2020 @ 13:41

    • Hello Randy. You have a lot on your plate. It is not your fault really, those who don’t accept the science of this think they are getting something over on the rest of us to void your personal space. You would think that with red states being affected now that they would rethink. Look at Montgomery Alabama, the mayor pleading for people to stay home and do distancing because the ICU’s are over whelmed and the hospitals are full. Be well, this too will pass. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 24, 2020 @ 06:08

      • The mayor pleads distancing because — the ICU’s are over whelmed and the hospitals are full — but the young and healthy and bored could care less. Much more important to gather for eats and drinks with the crowd … sans masks, of course.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by Nan — May 24, 2020 @ 13:45

        • Hello Nan. And the poor medical staff who have to treat and care for them do not get the choice these carefree out having fun folks do. It is so selfish and arrogant. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

          Comment by Scottie — May 24, 2020 @ 15:01

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