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May 29, 2020

UPDATE 1-Spain approves minimum income for 2.3 mln poorest people

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Spain can do it, but the wealthiest nation on earth can’t?   We can not do what other countries do because we shovel all the public treasury to wealthy corporations and give nothing to the people.  Other countries take care of the people and wealthy corporations take care of themselves.    The way it should be.    Hugs

Under the decree approved at a cabinet meeting, the government would pay the monthly stipend and top up existing revenue for people earning less so that they get at least that minimum amount every month, Iglesias said.

The new programme will include incentives for finding a formal job, Iglesias said.

“We’ll be successful if we are able to help the identified households to transition to a better place in society,” Social Security Minister Jose Luis Escriva told the same briefing.

The minimum income would increase with the number of family members to a total of up to 1,015 euros per month. The new programme aims to reach 850,000 households, or 2.3 million people, and would cost the government about 3 billion euros a year.


  1. Oh but … the U.S. can’t AFFORD to do something like this, doncha’ know? They’re too busy spending money to help the already-rich … plus building and maintaining a Big Bad Military. Oh and a highly-needed SPACE FORCE!

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    Comment by Nan — May 29, 2020 @ 13:49

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