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May 30, 2020

Capitalism in America is behaving like a spoiled grandson

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“Capitalism in America is behaving like a spoiled grandson inheriting the family company his grandfather built and his father made rich, but he has no talent or experience himself and does not value any of the workers, effort, or personal sacrifice that it took to make the company great in the first place.”

(via halfwaypost)


  1. Hmmm. Did this quote also remind you of a certain PERSON??? Or was that the intent? 😈

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    Comment by Nan — May 30, 2020 @ 13:01

    • Hello Nan. I do not know if it was deliberate but I felt it was describing tRump. Plus also some others who feel entitled, such as those that call the police on black people for no valid reason. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 31, 2020 @ 07:06

  2. that’s a pretty good analogy, considering the crazies out there who insist on themselves and their rights above all others.

    What’s sad about that is we’re seeing this very blatantly with the rioting going on: they keep talking about the property damage and how terrible, but not the terrible death of Mr. Floyd and the others who’ve been injured or killed and exposed the past few weeks… you know, the situation that made the emotions boil over into riots in the first place? Ugh…

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    Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — May 30, 2020 @ 23:09

    • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. Yes. Was the stealing wrong, perhaps. Remember that these major chain stores have insurance, and all their goods are covered. But lets look at what has happened in the last 3 months. Over 40 million people lost their jobs. Most of them people on the lower economic level, the lower incomes. A large percent were POC. For those people there is little if no savings because in the economic system in the US today it simply is not possible to save money if you are in the lower incomes. If you did not get a lucky break, start a long time ago, the cost of things compared to your income makes just surviving and living as much as most people can do. In that case people will steal when the opportunity presents it self to either survive or have what others do. People say well look they are taking this electronic or that TV. If you have watched that stuff move further away from what you can afford, yet it seems that everyone else has one, it is sign of your oppression. When the wealthy say maybe poor people shouldn’t have an cell phone or a flat screen TV what they are saying is that some people should be forced to do with out one of the necessities in life today because they are kept poor. One of the things about the stay at home orders that a lot of white middle incomes did not get was how hard it was for poor people, of any color including poor white people I know, because unlike a lot of us, those people did not have the highest speed internet, they did not have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and 500 hundred cable channels. Poor people do not have gaming machines with 100s of games. Poor people do not ahve great computers capable of doing what ever online. Simply put for some of us staying at home was a vacation as long as we had an income. Too many people do not realize that discrepancy. For some it was a prison where they had to find something to keep doing. For some with out an income it was a slow death. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 31, 2020 @ 14:12

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