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May 30, 2020

Does anything more need to be said? Really think about it. Would you trade your skin color?I feel I am pretty reasonable, I have had really hard problems in my life, and I still wouldn’t.

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Speaks Volumes Anti Racism Activist & Educator Jane Elliot Speaks To White Citizens On Receiving



  1. In these past few days, I’ve been embarrassed and even ashamed to be caucasian, and this isn’t the first time in my life; only the most recent. That being said, after only a few seconds of thought to get past that, my answer to the title question is no.

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    Comment by ali redford — May 31, 2020 @ 00:08

    • Hello Ali. You need not apologize for being white nor be responsible for the actions of others. You are only responsible for what you do, say, or advocate. There are bad people of every race, color, creed, group, and everything else we can imagine. I am a proud out married gay man. Yet there are very bad gay people and I do not feel I need to be grouped with them. You have not done anything wrong and being white is not the problem. The problem is the systemic attempt to keep POC, non-whites, subjected as was done in the 400 years before slavery was outlawed. The funny thing Ali, those white supremacist who are the most toxic online some of them have had blood tests showing they are not “pure” white. The fact is the world is global now. All races are becoming one, and have for centuries. Race is not a real thing anymore, it is a social construct. I was watching the news from the Midwest and noticed that the POC had eye structures and facial feature not normally associated with African Americans. We are becoming one race, and that is a great thing.

      Something I want everyone to remember is at one time there were dozens of human species on this planet. We were not the only humans, not the only thinking up right walking tool using talking apes. Our DNA shows we interbred with them. I really wish they had not died out. But the truth is we were a mixed race people long before we separated into countries.

      That is why this idea of race is something I can not understand. I do not agree with the idea at all. We are all humans! No matter the color we are still the same species. And as far as I can find out, we are the only species that takes color to mean kind. Think of the rest of the animal world. They are all different colors and markings and they don’t hate each other for it. Also a side note, homosexuality is well known in the animal kingdom and only the human species has a problem with it. Yes humans are animals for those reading along.

      Thanks Ali, sorry for going on a rant. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 31, 2020 @ 16:07

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