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May 31, 2020

The police are angry for being exposed

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  1. Scottie, I have seen an interview on this topic before, so let me go to the gist of the argument. Part of the problem is the Police Union. If they acted more like the Pilots Union does when there is a plane crash, they would be doing both themselves and the community a service.

    When a plane crashes, pilots serving on a task team review the crash – why did it happen? Was it plane error? Was it pilot error? Was it tower error? Was it an act of nature (bird or lightning strike)? In Sully Sullenberger’s book after he landed the plane in the Hudson River after a double bird strike, he noted he participated in these task teams. He was precisely the right person in the cockpit to save these 158 souls.

    What did he learn? Communication with the team is vital. Communication with the tower is vital. He knew when he landed in the water, he had to keep the wing tips level or the plane would flip over. Sullenberger saved people’s lives because he had studied what to do in such circumstances.

    If the Police Union did this after every death, but especially unarmed deaths, they could learn from it and teach others. Let me say this simply, in every group there is a percentage who are bad apples. Even if it is only 5%, that is a tangible number. It behooves the 95% to be supported by the system to remedy problem officers or inappropriate tactics. In this and other cases, the other officers must speak up and say something. If they cannot remedy the situation, they need to pull him or her off the culprit.

    I understand the job of the police is hard and dangerous. But the process must support the other officers who can intervene. If the officer in question does not like it, then they can say, look you may not have heard him say he could not breath.

    At the end of the day, if you are mad that someone stopped you from killing someone by your actions, then you may want rethink that and tell those who intervened thank you for keeping you from committing a crime or doing something stupid. If the officer cannot see this, then he or she is in the wrong job.


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    Comment by Keith — May 31, 2020 @ 10:08

    • Hello Keith. I agree. The problem is that most of these internal investigations are only to find out if anyone will break from the official story, will tell the truth against the other officers. They are not done to figure out the truth or fix a problem, they are done to find out if there is a weak link among the officers.

      The other thing I have learned also terrifies me and that is the push by racist groups to infiltrate the police and law enforcement ranks. They are working their way to the highest levels, they are recruiting and converting existing police and filling the ranks with their own people. I have gone back over a bunch of police photos from different protests and I see the little badges and symbols of these racist groups. Just as the evangelicals worked hard to take over school boards, bigots are trying to get into jobs so they can enforce their views. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — June 1, 2020 @ 08:13

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