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June 2, 2020

Totally Eff’ed In The Dark, Part Infinity

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Hello TG. Scary now that tRump had federal police and military violently
clear peaceful protesters who had a legal right to be there for another half hours from Lafayette Square so he could do a photo op. Making everyone think he was a tough guy walking with complete protection across the street to use a bible as a prop to basically declare the US an occupied country if he gets his way. tRump had to take a motorcade across the street to Blair House, yet had to do this now to show he can target people in the US to enforce his authoritarian desires. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

Lights Out at the White House

The White House performs interpretive dance of Donald Trump’s empathy

MAGA-night turned out differently than planned. The Red Hats did not show up to ralley around Lord Damp Nut, but the Wee the Peeples did, and it scared the eff out of the 4th Reich.

That bunker would be the undisclosed location where Darth Cheney spent 9-11.

There’s no messaging coming from the 4th Reich because this disaster is pretty much what the smash-n-grab Administration has wanted. The nation is in utter chaos, a pandemic is sweeping the land killing tens of thousands of us, tens of millions are unemployed, the economy is in tatters, a militarized police force is terrorizing communities of color (mostly Black Americans), cities are in lock-down from both the Trump-Virus…

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