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Conservatives, Trump supporters, and even Trump himself keep pointing out how horrible protesters are. They’re so bad, we need to call in the military to every state to stop them from exercising their Constitutional rights.

If you listen to the goons, all protesters are Antifa coming to kill you, loot your store, and impregnate your daughters. They’re not all coming to kill you and loot your store. And nearly every time they point out someone as an example of a protester who’s really a criminal, their example is black. Golly gee willikens, I wonder why that is.

In fact, from conservatives, you only hear about the bad stuff. You hear about looting, riots, and people being hurt. You don’t hear about George Floyd or police brutality. You don’t hear about the message being sent. All they’re doing is trying to invalidate the Black Lives Movement. And the one thing you’re…

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