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Hello Everyone.   I thought about not posting this.   I thought about making it a video as I want to start doing them again.  I am going to post it but add my thoughts.    There is no winner here.   Yes it is great he couldn’t hurt any others as he was planning.   Yes he was injured trying to commit horrible violence on others and he did not seem to care about that.   However a young person clearly unable to deal with reality injured himself and the fact is to me he seems mentally ill.  This seems to me a failure of our society to teach proper understanding of personal interactions, sexual educations, how to mix socially in dating situation, and lastly how to be a decent better person.   We some how have given some of these boys the idea that girls, women, females are property with only one purpose  in life.  Really these boys got graduated out of high school with that attitude towards females?  How badly did society and their community fail these guys.   They should have been identified and give mental health care.  Also the venues of this idea should be better check, better handled, and the people on them better watched.   To me these seem like little kids with a weird obsession and we don’t just ignore it, adults address it.  The weird fixation these guys have on one act of sex is due to the lack of sexual understanding taught in our country.   Any way here is the story and the links.    Hugs

Incel Plotted To Bomb Cheerleaders, Blew Off Own Hand

The New York Post reports:

A sexually frustrated Virginia man blew off a hand while trying to make homemade explosives — ones he planned to use on a revenge attack on “hot cheerleaders,” according to federal prosecutors.

Cole Carini, 23, went to a health clinic in Richlands last Wednesday suffering from an amputated hand, amputated fingers on the opposite hand, and shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat, the Department of Justice said.

He claimed it was from a devastating lawnmower accident — but investigators found his garden overgrown, they say. Instead, they found evidence of a recent explosion, with explosives materials, rusty nails, pipes and pieces of flesh, prosecutors said.

From the Justice Department:

According to court documents, on June 3, 2020, Carini went to a health clinic in Richlands suffering from an amputated hand, amputated fingers on the opposite hand, and shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat. After being interviewed at the hospital by officers, Carini reported that his injuries were caused by a lawn mower accident at his home.

During a search of Carini’s home, agents found the lawn was overgrown and found no other evidence indicating a lawn mower had recently been used. They did, however, find evidence of an explosion, more consistent with the types of injuries Carini had suffered. Agents also discovered significant quantities of what is believed to be Triacetone Triperoxide, an explosive substance used in the creation of improvised explosive devices.

When questioned again, Carini insisted that he was injured when the lawn mower flipped over while he was mowing the grass. The investigation of the case is ongoing and is being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the Virginia State Police, the Richlands Police Department and the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office.

Please go to the link above and check out the videos and comments.   Hugs

12 thoughts on “Incel Plotted To Bomb Cheerleaders, Blew Off Own Hand

    1. Scottie says:

      Hello John. Really? Why? In truth I found the whole matter tragic. I guess some could call it Karma, and the comment section on the page was full of snide remarks about how he couldn’t jerk himself off now. But for me it is such a sign of how our sexual repression in this country has bred a generation of young males who do not understand gender, sex, sexual expression, how to communicate their needs, and accept the needs of others, and how to see people as something other than objects for their own pleasure and satisfaction, and also lastly how to simply get pleasure / satisfaction on their own. It is a mind set that everyone on the planet is here for me, not in a cooperative way but in an exploitative way. The story made me very sad today as a lot of us in the US are fighting for equal rights for everyone and an end of police repression based on skin color. Hugs


      1. john zande says:

        I find the whole incel thing quite ridiculous. Sorry, though, if I was a little insensitive.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello John. On the incel thing being ridiculous I agree with you. I don’t understand it really. No one in the world past their teen years can be that sexually frustrated to begin with, and how does hurting, harming, killing the thing they desire get them the sexual relationship they want? Yes I think it is normal for everyone to want sexual interaction, but no one is owed it.

          My only point is at some level when it gets to the point this guy was at it is a mental illness. I see him as a sick person in need of treatment. I find it horrible he screwed up his entire future, his life due to his being unable to understand how to satisfy his own needs and interact properly with women. I find the way these guys get together and talk, and reinforce each others views of sex and females to be sickening. I think they are rather stupid in truth. I think they needed education such as offered in other countries but denied here for teenagers in how to deal with their bodies and how to act socially around people they are attracted too. I can not imagine this incel thing in other developed nations with proper educational platforms. I wonder how it got this far? What the heck is wrong with people today?

          Sorry John, I am just frustrated because I simply can not understand the hate racist, bigots, and misogynist have. Nothing against you. Hugs

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          1. john zande says:

            Oh Scottie, no need at all to apologise. I understand where you’re coming from, and I was a tad bullish. I feel exactly the same way about people who harm animals. I just can’t understand it.

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  1. shelldigger says:

    It is sad. This guy has a mental illness of some sort. A social mifit with underlying mental instabilities of some nature. I doubt simple education could fix the issues. He’s going to need help and I doubt he will get much in prison. Unless his defense is based on mental problems and they can convince a jury of it. Good help is hard to come by for many people with these kinds of issues. Right up until they pull some shit like this.

    I’m in a unique situation of having a stepson (23) who qualifies as a social misfit with underlying mental instabilities of some nature. Until he goes off the deep end in some manner, it will continue to difficult to get him good help. The system sucks. I have even told the wife, it might be best, the next time he has a meltdown of some sort, to let him be picked up for whatever he got himself into. If only to provide an example of why he needs help. You can tell therapists/doctors/psychologists all damn day long he needs help and the help is a freaking waste of time and money. Ask me how I know.

    On the other hand, I have a Darwin Award I’m just itching to hand out, this one might have recieved it if he had at least blown his balls off…

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Shelldigger. I am sorry to hear about your step son’s issues. I use to talk online with a man from California whose son was mentally ill. Once they phased out care homes and mental hospitals his son basically went from the streets to jail, to the streets and back to jail. There was little to nothing the man could do. He would talk to the people in the jails who told him his son had to follow the rules and act as the other inmates even though he needed medications he was not getting to do so, and then when released on the streets my friend would try to get him into clinics / medical help when he could find any, only to have the kid think he did not need that, and the cycle would happen again. My friend told me that he was always trying to keep his son in some type of accommodation or in clothes or having a phone or even a few dollars because the kid would lose, have stolen, sell, give away, things he needed or had. He couldn’t keep the boy in hotels or such because even when he paid, which it was more than he could do for long and there were no programs for the kid to get housing help, the kid would simply go back on the street. Long story short the boy had a mental illness, needed a care facility and there was none. The only option was prison. In the five years I knew this man he aged 20 years. He one day just dropped off the internet and I have no idea what happened to him, but I do know every day he worried about his son and blamed himself he couldn’t do more. Hugs


  2. This is awful. Whats even worse is that this seems like a rising problem in society. What is your suggestions to prevent these horrific events from happening? What is the source of the problem in your opinion?

    Im new to blogging but would be more than happy to receive your thoughts on my recent posts. Im trying to shed some new light on the impacts of our technological development. Thanks alot, and hope you have a wonderful day! 😊

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello What’s the gist. Welcome to my Toy Box. There is a lot of different things in here and something for everyone.

      As for what to do about violent incels. Well what is an incel? It is a sexually frustrated male. I think the US has a weird screwed up view of sexuality, sex it self, and genitalia. We have take a Puritan view of sex and twisted it tighter into a knot. I remember being stationed in Germany back in the 1980’s and getting my eyes opened in the casual way the German society viewed sex and nudity. Also in the US we have the fantasy that young people do not have sensuality and sexual feelings until they turn the magical age of 18. That is stupid, young people are humans and have all the feelings and needs that other humans have and maybe more so due to their bodies being super charged. What we do in the US is take what is happening naturally in their bodies and shame them into massive frustrations. So the solution is to look to what works in other countries to see how they demystified sex. We need to decouple sex from procreation. We need to accept that young people will have sex and we should encourage young people to explore their feelings, needs, and to self pleasure themselves if they wish with out guilt. We need to separate sex from religion. Religious training on sex and sexuality has screwed up far too many young people.

      The second part is the violence. How to neuter that. Well first we must get rid of the toxic masculinity that has infused the culture. That is fueled by male entitlement, media, and religion. Religion teaches males must lead and females must obey. The religious texts treat women as property and chattel. It was the way 2000 years ago. It shouldn’t be in 2020. We need to push the idea that females are equal in all ways. I think we need to teach equality to children from birth. Then we have to teach that violence is not the way to to solve problems. We need to teach that guns do not make you tough and masculine. We have to teach frustrated people how to handle that frustration and conflict resolution.

      There is one other part of this we need to look at. We not only need to teach young people to be happy in their own body and to understand their feelings / needs, but how to address social ineptitude. What about these young males makes it so they can not find consensual sexual partners? Is it a looks / attractiveness issue? Do they have social problems that makes it difficult for them to deal with other people / females? One thing I noticed a few years ago in one of the European countries they had booklets to teach boys not to feel self conscientious about sudden erections and how to hide / mask it with out guilt. Our kids are taught to feel bad or inferior about normal body functions in society. It leads to increased frustration. So we have to fix the reasons these guys can not find girls that are attracted to them, what is it about the guys. It is not a girl problem as the incels keep insisting, it is the boys that are the problem, so fix the boys. To that end we need to accept one more thing in the US. World wide there are far more boys than girls. Boys who can not find girls need to learn to have satisfying relations that meet their needs with other boys, which some times maybe sexual or not. I was thinking of British boys boarding schools. The boys were not gay, but would often have sex with each other and when out of school would not worry about what they did in school. It was just a physical release thing with no social stigma. The term is friends with benefits. That term is used a lot today in both the straight and gay community.

      Those are my ideas, what do you think of them? What is your solutions?


      1. Thanks for your thorough answer, very interesting to hear your view. I certainly agree that the toxic masculinity must be dealt with. The methods however, I do not know what is the best.

        I am surprise to hear that you think religion has such a large influence when it comes to sexual behavior for you people today since. Nevertheless, very interesting. Would you please elaborate more of your view on how religion affect young peoples lives in the US?

        Also, I did not know there is such a stigma around the topic of sex in the US.

        Personally I think this problem is rooted somewhere in the current change of societal landscape and way of living. Technology disrupts the traditional ways of conducting social and sexual behavior. It leads to very complex implications. But to name a few: Online dating leads to an unrepresentative picture of what matters in life and relationships. The easy access to porn also give a skewed picture of sexual behavior. I think the fact that social lives moves to virtual platforms instead of real physical ones, have a large impact. The changes are proceeding so rapidly, many do not know how to adapt and much less to find a balance how to conduct their online lives vs their physical ones.

        In my blog posts I am currently discussing some implications of the rapid transition to a digital world. I would be more than happy to hear your views. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!

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        1. sorry. The sentence is supposed to be: I am surprise to hear that you think religion has such a large influence when it comes to sexual behavior for young people today. *

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        2. Scottie says:

          Hello What’s the gist.
          Let me explain why I feel religion is responsible for messing up young people sexually. Most religions are stuck in the past when it comes to sex and gender ideas, in the 1950’s or even centuries earlier. Think of the rigid gender activities and rolls religions still endorse. The US started with a Puritan outlook on sex and got even more restrictive from there on. Look at how females are viewed in religious communities, the girl is expected to be modest to not arouse the boys. Girls / woman are responsible for how males act sexually. Girls are not to have sexual wants or needs but just satisfy her husband’s god given desires. The more restrictive churches have even stricter views of a woman’s function in society and they are a lot like the frustrated incel’s views toward women.

          When it comes to the LGBTQ children most religions really are harmful to young people and adults. Gay and Lesbians kids hear from a young age that they are an abomination to their god and that they are only choosing to have same sex attractions. Religious parents are much more likely to throw gay kids out of the house forcing these kids to find lodging wherever they can, doing whatever they can to survive. Religious organizations preach conversion therapy which has been widely debunked and shown to do great emotional and physical damage. Plus you have many religious organizations fighting against equality / equal rights including marriage. Think of an excited gay couple telling their religious parents of their upcoming marriage to find the parents are against it, won’t come, and that business run by religious people won’t provide services. Their church won’t marry them and their family’s won’t endorse their future life together. That is if the young couple can find the courage to tell their religious parents about that part of their lives. It is very destructive.

          On transgender kids religions are also known to harm. Most religions simply deny there is gender identity that differs from biologic genital sex at birth. As with same sex attractions religions simply deny scientific evidence and what has been proven to be real. Like conversion therapy for same sex attraction we know forcing kids to act in a gender specific manner different than they are causes emotion and physical problems that has even led to suicide. Again religions demand outmoded stereotypes of male and female genders that denies all the progress made for both genders.

          One other way religion harms kids sexually is with the demonizing of masturbation, which has been shown to be both normal and healthy for those that want to practice it. Think how many kids have felt great guilt and shame for what is a normal body function and provides many healthy benefits. Think of the fear kids have of going to eternal damnation for touching themselves sexually. These are just some of the ways religion warps and damages normal sexual development in kids that last well into adulthood if not for life.

          I do agree with you that porn has always given a skewed idea of what real sexual relations are like and should be, that has not changed just because it is now online instead of books, magazines, and movies. Again porn is mostly driven by male needs and fantasies. More porn is being made for women and female needs these days, but the majority is geared towards men. However that also is rooted in outdated gender roles, with macho aggressive men and submissive women. However studies have not found that porn is harmful in of itself. One thing that would and is helping is kids and young people being able to talk about sex / their needs / their desires with adults, something that rigid religious views makes much harder.

          I am not following you about online dating and online communications. They only make it easier for people to contact each other but do not change any other part of dating. It was the same with the telephone when young people could now call each other rather than send letters. People still need to meet and date in person. While it may be harder for older people to navigate an online world younger people do it seamlessly, it is part of their natural world. Actually the ease of online communications helps young people connect and stay connected with each other far better than they did before computers, the internet, and smartphones. I think young people need to meet, date, live together and yes experience sexual relationships to find the person(s) they want to spend their lives with. That is another way religions in the US screw young people up, with many not getting to know each or their own sexual needs before a sudden marriage to be able to have sexual relations without angering their god. After a few years the couple finds they are incompatible or have different needs than the ones expected by religion and the marriage ends up in a divorce.
          Be well. Hugs

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