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5 thoughts on “Robert Reich: America is Not Exceptional

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, so true and we have not been for awhile. When we let our math and science rankings fall to the twenties, when we make it more difficult for talent and entrepreneurial spirit to flow into our country, when we forget how we got to where we are through combined government, public and private investment, and when we tear up or leave trade or mutually beneficial agreements, we are walking away from our responsibility and so on.

    Pulitzer Prize author Thomas Friedman wrote the quintessential book, “That used to be us: how America fell behind in the world it created and how it can come back,” but so few people get it and do the opposite. This should be required reading for all elected officials, but some would rather listen to a person beating on his chest with false bravado saying Make America Great Again then do the opposite of what is needed. You cannot shrink to greatness.


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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. Love your last sentence. Hugs


      1. Keith says:

        Thanks Scottie. I read today two articles that note Trump’s ceasing special VISAs for tech workers will cost jobs. The purpose is to give Americans a chance for the jobs, which is already required. But, manufacturing of new ideas occurs around the innovators. And, innovation is portable. So, if we deny entry to the innovators, they will innovate elsewhere. Keith

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  2. On a video kick today, Scottie? Lol!

    Good video. Quite true.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello thespartanatheist. I had a real good day yesterday for posting. It has been rare for me lately. I like Reich. His information is so clear and easy to follow. Hugs

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