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We are losing everything because stupid people watching State Propaganda TV can not grasp the science and think wearing a mask is some how denying them liberty.   This is the same group of people that want to deny reproductive rights to women, deny women rights to their own medical choices, deny marriage, and deny access and service rights to LGBTQ+ people, but think nothing of wearing seat belts and observing the speed limits.  They are so deluded by Hannity and Carlson that they can not even see the reality around them.   Yesterday I seen a video of an angry old man force his way into a Walmart when they refused him entrance with out a mask, and he made an ass of himself and kept threatening the staff.  This morning I was reading of a commission meeting where people were shouting wearing a mask was against their right of liberty, it was tyrannical, it was destroying civil rights, and also they demanded to know what the commissioners were going to do about the horde of rioters they were sure were going to storm W.P.B.  Hugs

The number of new coronavirus cases across the country per day has reached more than 26,000, up from about 21,000 two weeks ago, according to an Associated Press analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Over 120,000 deaths in the U.S. have been blamed on the virus, the highest toll in the world.

In Georgia, the number of people hospitalized because of COVID-19 rose to 1,000, erasing a month’s worth of progress.

Infections are at their highest level since the outbreak began, nearly two months after Georgia began lifting restrictions on businesses. Gov. Brian Kemp has required face coverings by waiters, barbers and others working face-to-face with customers but has largely let businesses decide whether customers must wear masks.

In Orlando, 152 coronavirus cases were linked to one bar near the University of Central Florida campus, said Dr. Raul Pino, a state health officer in the tourism city.

“A lot of transmission happened there,” Pino said. “People are very close. People are not wearing masks. People are drinking, shouting, dancing, sweating, kissing and hugging, all the things that happen in bars. And all those things that happen are not good for COVID-19.”

In the U.S., Arizona, in particular, is seeing disturbing trends in several benchmarks, including the percentage of tests that prove positive for the virus. Arizona’s is the highest in the nation.

The state’s positive test rate is at a seven-day average of over 20%, well above the national average of 8.4% and the 10% level that public health officials say is a problem. When the positive test rate rises, it means that an outbreak is worsening — not just that more people are getting tested.

At Maryland’s Fort Washington Medical Center on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, workers described a scramble to find beds, heartbreaking encounters with family members of critically ill patients and frustration with Americans who do not believe the coronavirus threat is real.

“Everybody is out lounging on the beaches. Just thinking that it’s over. And it’s not,” respiratory therapist Kevin Cole said. “It’s far from being over. And unfortunately, it’s those people that will keep this pandemic going.”

More at the link above.  Important read.  Please share.   Hugs

9 thoughts on “Surging US virus cases raise fear that progress is slipping

  1. It’s the same here in NY & masks are still require as per state mandate & every store, bar, restaurant, etc. has signs when you walk in that masks are required & yet, people are walking in without them & then challenging management to throw them out … saying they have this or that issue … or just they don’t need them. & some places are just ignoring them … what’s the use of posting a sign if you’re not going to enforce it?

    I’m at a point now where I hardly go anywhere at all & trying to get as much delivered as possible. I wasn’t like this a few months ago but people are just stupid & worse … they’re selfish.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Polly. I agree, well said. The ranting I heard was all right wing conspiracy stuff. One lady was yelling that the masks are the things killing people, another was yelling forcing them to wear a mask was violating the 1st amendment, another person was arguing that the pandemic was a planned event to take over the US. These people are so sure they alone have the truth when in fact they are totally wrong. Yet they are over the top passionate and can not be reasoned with. tRump gave a speech that told those people it was their country, their heritage, their rights he was fighting for. Meaning the more quacked out racist person the more he was there for them and the rest of us are not members of this country. Hugs


  2. Keith says:

    Scottie, as we have discussed, none of this is a surprise. My brother-in-law who was in the Air Force made an interesting comment. People saying you are infringing on my rights to ask me to wear a mask need to “stop being a pansy.” He added “leaders are not asking you to storm a beach at Normandy. So, grow up and help out.”

    His frankness was refreshing. But, it goes beyond those who feel wearing a mask is knock on Trump or their rights. Those who protest for BLM need to be mindful as well. Altruism does not defend against COVID-19. I do see more protestors wearing masks than what I see at Trump rallies. I do see the protests being outside, which is better. But, we all need to be mindful, that we have a responsibility to each other, so we must be careful as we interact in groups.

    The veracity of the argument matters not. Keith

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. I agree protesters are taking risks and if masks are mandatory they should also wear them. But you do not hear them bleating the idea that masks are taking away their rights, you hear them trying to reform the society by reinforcing civil rights of the marginalized. To try to equate the two groups is to add apples and oranges. These two groups are not the same. Please read my comment to Polly ( Silverapplequeen ) where I listed the conspiracy driven rants at the W.P.B. County Commission meeting. The thing is these people were not going to listen and were not going to stop. Hugs


  3. Nan says:

    To those who think COVID-19 isn’t winning the battle, I offer this:

    And the “mask-less” are helping.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Thanks for the link, I suggest every one check it out. It puts to rest the Republican talking point about how XX kills thousands of people a year. The graph shows how fast Covid 19 is moving. Hugs

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  4. Florida has like 4 to 5 thousand more cases a day! With all those retirement communities down there, thousands more will die. Good Thor, but these GOP Gov’s and their leader, Princess Trump, are pure, unadulterated evil. And they are ragingly STOOOOOOPPIID!!!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Hope you are doing well! Yes these people are stupid, but so is tRump, many of his own voters will get sick and either die or poison others so they can not vote for him. Imagine if you were told by your hero that the virus was was fading away, was a hoax, was not a big deal to be worried about … and then your mother gets it and dies, your sister, your child? Would you vote for that prick? Hugs


      1. Sadly, many will–if they are alive to do so, that is. It is his base, age wise, that’s fucking dying!

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