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3 thoughts on “And the Covid 19 soars with the help of tRump

  1. Hey, Dump supporters! There are openings in the Secret Service if you wanna be close to your Gud! Go on and apply! No face masks required!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello TheChattyIntrovert. I love it. Did you see where tRump’s campaign manager was exposed also and so took a commercial flight back? Yes he was possibly contagious enough that he couldn’t be with any of the supporters and use the campaign aircraft, but felt it was OK to possibly spread it to everyone on a commercial flight! WTF. Hugs

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      1. … I’m officially apoplectic with confusion. The face-palms will be strong on this one. I don’t know if enough of us will survive to November to do anything, let alone vote, if the stupidity multiplies as fast as the virus.

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