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6 thoughts on “Courts matter, and tRump’s stacking the courts with hand picked ideologues will have consequences for decades.

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Hi, Scottie – Judges that are installed can be recalled. The impeachment process is almost identical to the Prezinential one, and is the same for ALL Federal Office-holders, where the House decides to move and then vote, and if the Articles of Impeachment have merit, the Trial phase heads to the Senate Uh-oh. That’s only gonna work once we dump tRump, and it will help immensely to have even a slight majority of Ds in both houses of Congress, but about the only other means of removal is criminal activity, for which a Judge gets arrested, convicted, and then sentenced, and since he can’t preside over trials, or any other judicial matters, he’s removed and replaced, like that judge in PA last year, who was convicted of accepting bribes and kickbacks for inappropriately sentencing multiple juveniles to private juvenile-detention facilities.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. I just answered a similar comment from David. The fact is as you say the judges have to commit either a criminal or unethical act for impeachment and the Democrats have to have control of all the chambers of the government. I think if the Democrats get control Biden needs to drastically expand the courts which are overwhelmed anyway, and appoint liberal judges. Judges should reflect the place of the majority of the people and understand that the constitution is a living changeable document. Also I think there needs to be age limits for both legislators and judges. Right now we have really senior people trying to return the country to their idea of the golden days, with out any regard to what the majority of people think that the modern golden age should be. This attempt by people in their 70’s and 80’s to take the country back to 1950 has to be stopped. We must not retreat into a flawed past but move forward into a more progressive future. Hugs

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Everyone keeps saying it like it’s the simplest solution, and all Biden would have to do is snap his fingers to make it happen – enlarge the Fed Court system, so we can appoint more of our kind of Jurist. But the process involves BOTH Houses, who have to approve of the number, the location(s), and the budget for doing all of it. And since we’re likely to be in at least a Major Recession, if not a full-blown Depression by then, our Legislators will be loath to approve that kind of spending, esp since the Virus will still be rampaging.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Dennis. I agree that we would have all three sections of the executive branch as I said in my last reply on this. However the Democrats know that if they want to pass meaningful legislation and if they want to change anything about voter laws so more people will vote such as getting rid of gerrymandering or ID laws, they need to change the courts. If they don’t they wont get anything done and will lose everything to the surging Republicans in the next elections. And yes we will need economic stimulus, but every Democratic administration seems to repair and fix the damage done by the previous Republican administration in the last 30 years. The thing to look at is the places hardest hit over seas are not only are now opening up with few cases, but their economies did not take the hit ours did and they are coming back. Why? What did they do differently. They put the governments money in to the people, wages so people could pay rent , pay bills, and eat. They did not just shove every cent to the largest wealthiest companies with no mandate to keep paying the workers like the US did. So their economies kept going. Ours failed because of our weird fund the wealthy at any and all costs even as it destroys the country idea. They also stayed in lock down until it was safe to slowly open. They did testing a high rate, and did contact tracing so those with it knew to isolate. And everyone wore the masks. No one screamed it was against their rights or liberty, they simply wore them. That is why the US is going to have a lot more deaths and will go into a deep recession. Hugs


      1. Dennis Cole says:

        I think you’re missing my gist on this; it’s going to be nigh unto impossibility to get it up and running, Congress is going to be arguing bitterly over how much more $$$, and where it should be sent, or spent, additons to the Courts are gonna be on the back burner, and the issue may never come to light. And that’s IF we even have an election this Nov. tRump and his band of miscreants are already hard at work restricting voting everywhere they can.

        Or haven’t you noticed how well they ignore us?

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Dennis. I understood you, and yes I have seen how the Republicans are in a panic to restrict voting. The reason for their panic is the large spike in voting even with the pandemic and the voter restrictions. More people are managing to vote. Record numbers of votes cast. This is the moment for sweeping progress if we can get our senior citizens leading the Democratic party in congress to stop thinking about their glory days.

          Dennis there will be a lot to do with a new congress and president in the first two years. However if we have the majority in both Senate and the House, along with the Presidency we can do it all. The Republicans will howl but we should ignore them as they ignored us when we were the minority. Hugs

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