Millions Are Demanding Justice for Elijah McClain Who Died After Cops Put Him in a Chokehold Last Year

It has happened so many times, how can any say it is not systemic racism?   Hugs

It’s been nearly a year since Elijah McClain, a young Black man in Colorado, was placed in a carotid hold by Aurora police, who threatened to sic him with a dog as he sobbed, vomited, and said he couldn’t breathe.

McClain died in the hospital several days after the August 2019 incident. He was 23. The three arresting officers were placed on administrative leave, but they were not fired. In November, the local district attorney announced they also wouldn’t face charges.


The August 24 incident began when police were called to respond to a suspicious man wearing a ski mask and waving his arms, according to a news release from the Aurora Police Department. McClain’s family has said he was anemic, and wore the mask to keep him warm.

Plus, he was unarmed, hadn’t committed a crime, and had no history of arrest, according to local media reports. He was getting some iced tea when officers stopped him, his sister told KMGH, a local ABC affiliate, last September.

Officers said McClain “would not stop walking down the street” and resisted them. They tackled him to the ground; his sister said he may not have heard the officers because he had headphones in, according to KMGH. One officer said McClain reached for their gun.

McClain briefly fainted after he was placed in a carotid hold, which is a type of chokehold that cuts off blood flow to the brain by applying pressure to the side of the neck. The move has since been banned by several police departments. Colorado’s governor signed a bill earlier this month forbidding it across the entire state.

“I was just going home,” he can be heard sobbing in body-camera footage. He pleaded with officers that he had good qualities worth considering: he never got in fights, never disrespected people, and wasn’t judgmental.

“I’m just different, I’m just different, that’s all, that’s all I was doing. I’m so sorry,” he said.

“If you keep messing around, I’m going to bring my dog out and he’s going to dog bite you,” one officer told McClain, after he vomited. “Keep messing around.”

After being handcuffed by police, McClain was also injected with ketamine by paramedics who were called to the scene over the “level of physical force applied while restraining the subject and his agitated mental state,” according to police.

Ketamine can induce a trance-like state, and is sometimes used as a sedative or anesthetic. As paramedics were transporting him to a hospital, he went into cardiac arrest. He was revived, but went into cardiac arrest a second time a few hours later, according to The Sentinel.

Unarmed black man walking down a street breaking no laws, was physically accosted by police to the point of them choking him and causing his death.   How is this acceptable?   Are police to be revered and instantly obeyed like the king’s guard?   The young man pleaded with them to the point he was vomiting, and they kept threatening him, it seems they were taking joy in harassing him.   There is more at the link above, but I have tell you that we have a serious police problem and a racism problem.    The link above has several other incidences where police misconduct resulted in death including shooting one person in the back while claiming he was threatening them.    It amazes me so many black people have a special power that lets them threaten police officers while running away from them.     Hugs

Author: Scottie

I am a 57 year old gay man who has been very lucky in life. Life is an adventure and I live it that way. I am in a long term married relationship with a wonderful man I adore. We are in our 30th year together.

2 thoughts on “Millions Are Demanding Justice for Elijah McClain Who Died After Cops Put Him in a Chokehold Last Year”

    1. Hello David. Yes any fines or payouts should come from the officers and the pension fund if the police union backs the officers. One of the things being fought for in the Democratic reform bill. We need also a national data base so an officer who has these charges / complaints against them can not just move to another police force. We have to find a way to stop these horrible human abuses. Hugs

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