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The Trump administration’s pledge to protect Covid-19 patients from massive medical bills is falling short for a growing number of survivors who experience long-term complications from the virus.

Doctors are discovering life-threatening and costly long-term health effects ranging from kidney failure to heart and lung damage. That’s exposing a major gap in the federal government’s strategy for ensuring patients won’t go broke because of a coronavirus diagnosis.

Patients with and without insurance have already been hit with staggering bills, despite a White House promise to cover their costs, according to patient advocates. That’s because health care providers and insurers are classifying some complications as distinct from the virus during the billing process. The extent of the problem is still not fully known due to the lag time in settling medical claims.

Private health insurers, including many the White House prodded to waive full treatment costs for patients diagnosed with coronavirus, haven’t committed to extending those generous coverage policies to patients dealing with virus-related conditions weeks or months later. Some that only cover in-network care are rejecting bills from out-of-network specialists.

Some of the treatment costs worry patient advocates and policymakers. Charges for a six-day hospital stay for a coronavirus patient with an underlying health condition or complications average more than $74,000 according to FAIR Health, a nonprofit that analyzes claims data, although commercial plans would pay an average of just under $39,000 for the treatment.Cases with fewer complications would stillincur charges averagingmore than $53,000 for a six-day stay.

The consulting firm Avalere recently projected that a typical hospital stay for coronavirus patients is nearly $23,500. But insurers still don’t have a clear picture of potential long-term costs, especially if patients need long rehab after weeks on ventilators, or dialysis if they suffer kidney failure.

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2 thoughts on “Trump promised to pay for Covid care. But patients with long-term symptoms see huge bills.

  1. Nan says:

    Ya’ know, I realize that being POTUS is a major, major job. Although there are departments and departments and departments that are supposed to handle a lot of the governing, the president still has the final word … so I can appreciate that some things might get overlooked.

    HOWEVER … when the CURRENT POTUS spends a big majority of his time campaigning, playing golf, lying and making excuses for his actions … oh, and TWEETING dozens of messages each day … there simply are NO excuses for things like this to be happening. Dollars to donuts, since he doesn’t like to hear bad news and refuses to take part in briefings … he’s is most likely totally unaware this is happening. And most of all … he doesn’t care.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. He doesn’t care, it doesn’t effect him. tRump has a spent very little of his time being POTUS. He spends his time at the white house watching SPTV, tweeting hundreds of tweets a day, and making phone calls most of which are personal ones all off the record. Then there are the three and four day every week vacations to his own properties on other people money. Hell he has won the lottery! Hugs

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