Corona Jackson

Hello Claytoonz. Too bad tRump’s cult of supporters are racists also, it is one of the reasons they love their Dear Leader. Hugs



Why is Andrew Jackson Donald Trump’s favorite president?

Is it because of the Battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812, a war the United States did NOT win and one Donald Trump can’t tell when it started if you spotted him the 18 and the 12 (it lasted from 1812 to 1815)?

Even though every Republican is quick to tell you it was the Democratic Party that started the Ku Klux Klan (they didn’t), owned slaves, and started the Civil War, Republicans are the first to get upset over Confederate Statues being removed or destroyed. Guess which party Andrew Jackson belonged to?

Maybe it’s like Donald Trump’s situation with Abraham Lincoln in that he only recently learned Lincoln was a Republican. Perhaps he doesn’t know Jackson was a Democrat. In fact, Jackson was to the Democratic Party as Ronald Reagan was to the Republican Party. From the 1980s…

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