Fired Miami police officer charged for putting knee on Black woman’s neck

They simply will not stop until their power to do it is taken away.   They do not want to serve and protect, they want to dominate.   The police do not see themselves as an Andy Taylor type officer, but as Rambo.   They see the situation as an occupying force over an occupied population.  Hugs

A former Miami police officer was charged on Thursday with battery and misconduct after a video surfaced showing him pressing his knee on a Black woman’s neck and tasing her stomach, while she kept screaming, U.S. media reports said.

Jordi Martel, 30, was charged with official misconduct for filing two reports with false details about the incident that took place outside a striptease club on Jan. 14, State Attorney Katherine Rundle told a press conference.

The video of the incident, filmed by a bystander, showed Martel dragging Safiya Satchell, 33, out of her car and subsequently forcing her down on a grass verge by the roadside.

The video clip showed Martel stunned her twice with a Taser, a weapon that delivers an electric shock. Another officer held Satchell’s arm as she struggled to free herself.

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