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“The Guy Is With the Devil”: The Rosemary’s Baby Theory of Attorney General Bill Barr
This week showed that justice, for Barr, is completely indistinguishable from what Trump wants.

Read in Vanity Fair:

Shared from Apple News

Sent from my iPad,Hugs and Best wishes,

9 thoughts on “Vanity Fair: “The Guy Is With the Devil”: The Rosemary’s Baby Theory of Attorney General Bill Barr

  1. Nan says:

    Scottie … you need to work out something when you’re posting news articles. Too often the link you provide goes to a site that blocks the reader unless they “subscribe.” I notice on some posts you actually provide a synopsis of the article. Can’t you do that for all of them?

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Posts like those come from my Ipad. I open them, read them, and send them from my Ipad. I just went to the post on my computer and clicked on the link, their was a subscribe banner but it went away when I minimized it. I sent you an email. Sorry for the problem, but I have no way to know if it wont open for you or if it requires you to join. Hugs


      1. Nan says:

        Do articles from Washington Post open for you on your iPad? They do allow a few “freebies” per month (about 3, I think), then they shut you down. There is no way to “minimize” the notice on their site.

        I use my iPad to read the news before I take my morning shower and still get shut out on certain websites …

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. Yes everything opens. I simply go to apple news on my phone or tablet ( I have all the other ones like CNN, google, and BBC so on but never run out of things on the apple news feed to read ) and on the apple news the title and blurb is there and I touch it and it opens. Then I post it as you know because you have an Ipad. After I read it I touch the top thing and it comes up with a list, I chose mail, it gives me the mail screen you see, I put in my post code, and it posts. As everything I post comes right up with no requests or saying I only have so many articles, so I never know if they wont open for others.

          I only get shut out of the Apple News Plus channel that wants you to pay for news and a few newspapers that are subscription only. I will not do that. But I don’t read those so I never send them to the blog. So everything I send to the blog I opened and read all the way through. Have you tried putting the URL into your pad? Hugs


          1. Nan says:

            I’m actually on my computer the majority of the day. I only use my iPad (an older 8″ Mini) in the evenings after I close down my computer. Like I mentioned before, I use my iPhone to check the news (via Apple) in the morning before I shower, but I rarely use it after that for anything except calls or texts.

            It’s when I’m on my computer that I get blocked. I have a Dell and I use Chrome. Do you have an Apple? If so, could that make a difference?

            I’m able to access most sites, but there’s a few that simply will NOT let me in unless I “subscribe.”

            OT — what do you think about Trump trying –AGAIN!!– to kill the Affordable Care Act? Right in the middle of a pandemic! He is OBSESSED with getting rid of everything Obama … and now that it looks like he might not get re-elected, I guess he’s trying to clean up all the loose ends.

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            1. Scottie says:

              Hello Nan. As I many have mentioned I need something to focus on so when I am not on my computers I have my phone and pad going. If my hands are free I am surfing news, if I am baking or working I am listening to podcasts, but if I see a news alert I will open it and if it is important I will send it to the blog.

              My computers are Dell’s also. I use both Chrome and Firefox. I do not like Apple computers. I find them over priced and under powered. There are a couple places I can not open due to requiring a subscription on the computers that open on the pad. Such as the pain in the ass Washington Post and the insufferable Business Insider. I just close them out when that happens. Same for most articles that ask me to allow adverts. You asked about the blurbs. I get them from sites that for some reason when they post the link it posts a blurb also. When I post a link it doesn’t do that, so I grab the link to their link, which gives the blurb. I read that if you use something from a site you should link to it rather than copy it but the problem is if those blogs ever go away or delete their post my link goes down also. So I am caught between trying to do the right thing and protecting my posts.

              On Obamacare, I wonder if it is a push because they know tRump will lose the election and it will be expanded and cemented into law, or if it is something tRump is pushing that the Republicans wish he wouldn’t do right now?

              Ron and I are looking at Medicare part D. We both have Medicare part A and B. I take a lot of medications. Dropping my allergy medications helped some but that will really run down my health. But the monthly costs for the plans we looked at are killers. We are going to work on it again today, and I think I will look at more expensive plans to reduce the monthly costs. With my medications on all most all of them I enter the gap the very first month, and don’t come back out of it. This country needs a better way. Ron found that the company that makes Jenumet, which is very expensive a month, offers a $150 dollar coupon we can get, but it doesn’t say how often we can use it. We really need to change the for profit system in the US, these drugs are not anywhere near this expensive in other countries. Simply put most people in the US can not afford it. This is what happens when capitalism runs un- restricted and profit becomes more important than peoples lives. I couldn’t sleep last night and I am very depressed right now. Hugs

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              1. Nan says:

                Sorry about the lack of sleep. 🥱 I know the feeling. I woke up around 2:00 last night and the last time I looked at the clock (after looking at it many times before then), it was after 4:00. I HATE nights like that!

                Anyway, thanks for the explanation about the news stuff. And I hope you can find something that works for the two of you related to insurance coverage. Did you happen to check out Envision?

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                1. Scottie says:

                  Hello Nan. Not yet. Is that a part D plan or a part C? C is things like managed care and HMO’s. I have been reading up on different plans and what plans go with what part D and part C. I guess I today and tomorrow I will be comparing higher monthly premium costs to higher monthly drug costs. It really is enough to make my head spin. Ron says Monday he is going to call the medicare part D help line on the page the sends you to for searching plans. Hugs


                  1. Nan says:

                    Envision is Part D — prescriptions.

                    I just happened to realize that it might not work for you due to your health situation. You would probably want a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription coverage. For me, since I rarely go to the doctor, I just carry Parts A & B and then set aside an amount each month to cover whatever cost is not covered by Medicare. I pay separately for prescription coverage.

                    Of course your situation is considerably difference.

                    One thing I do NOT like are HMOs. I want to be able to choose my own doctor and go to whatever hospital I choose. But for some people, I suppose it’s the better choice cost-wise.

                    Don’t you get a booklet from Medicare towards the end of each year? It lists the various Medicare Advantage plans at the back that includes the monthly premium, the required deductible(s), out-of-pocket limits, the amount they will pay for the various visits, drugs, etc.

                    Anyway, I wish you good luck in finding something that works for both of you. Like you’ve so often said … wouldn’t it be nice if this country had MFA?

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