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3 thoughts on “The Republicans want to take away millions of peoples healthcare in a pandemic, ask why?

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, being an independent voter and retired actuary, benefits consultant and manager of a benefits program, let me clearly state the following – this may be the most brain-dead idea I have ever seen, to use this issue at all, but especially in the middle of a pandemic. By the way, on PBS Newshour’s weekly recap last night, both conservative David Brooks and liberal Mark Shields echoed the same thoughts. Shields added that former GOP Speaker John Boehner said in twenty five years, the GOP has offered not one feasible healthcare plan.

    I think Brooks noted the scariest thing for the GOP would be for the courts to grant their wish. Senator John McCain did the GOP huge favor when he voted down the very poorly planned and rushed ideas to replace the ACA. And, we should not forget Trump said he had the “best plan ever” during the campaign to replace the ACA that would have cheaper and better coverage. That, of course, was and is untrue.

    Actually, the GOP Senators running this fall are scared out of their wits over Trump raising this issue. They should be. The Democrats need to improve the ACA, which is doing better than before, but could use some shoring up. The national healthcare debate can begin, but improve on what is there, as the latter will take study, buy-in and time and may never occur.

    In short, Trump just gave the Democrats leverage with his inane decision to take healthcare away with people suffering. And, what Trump does not understand is the ACA adds guaranteed coverage and pre-existing condition protection to employer plans as well, which are actuarially huge protections for consumers. If the ACA goes away, it screws far more than those covered by the exchanges.



  2. Nan says:

    If ANYONE is surprised that Trump did this, then they’ve been living in a cave for the past 3-1/2 years and have had NO contact with the outside world.

    Methinks he knows his end is nigh and this is one of his last gasp efforts to “erase” Obama.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I have been thinking on this, trying to figure out what is driving it. I think you are right about why congressional Republicans are trying to get rid of it. The wealthy who are the Republicans bosses hate the ACA because they call it a huge wealth distribution program from the wealthy to the poor. The wealthy see it as theft from them. I am sure they convinced tRump of how it will help him with the cult. But in truth can they not see it will cost them congress if you add 22 million more to the already 44 million that have lost their healthcare? We lost our healthcare on June 20th. It is a nightmare trying to get new coverage under Medicare part D. Plus while we have savings and Ron is getting a pay out to help us afford it, many of those on ACA are barely making it and can not afford any more. It is nuts the cost of our blood sugar medications. Medications that cost $15 to $30 dollars in other countries is $140 to $150 or more a month in every plan we look at. We both take them and that is $600 a month in just those four medications. How is anyone expected to do that? The US has a huge medical system problem that is killing us and getting worse. Hugs

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