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6 thoughts on “Are we #1 best country yet? Are we winning?

  1. Personally, I am tired of all the Winning.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Death of Democracy. Understand your feelings, I am tired of all the whining also. 😀😄 Hugs

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  2. Liberated says:

    I feel sorry for you guys, I really do… Your leaders are willing to throw your country into the ground in order to sell people a false dream and get some votes. The best you can hope for is we get a vaccine soon and that, more importantly, someone who actually gives a crap about your people runs the show.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Liberated. It is worse that that even. Our leaders are greedy, they crave power so they can get more wealth. The laws they enact and the judges they put in place now are all an attempt to curry favor with those who will either keep them in power or give them lots of wealth. Even departing Republican politicians wont say anything negative about tRump because they want the high income money of lobbying or being on the think tank boards, which is basically free money for doing nothing until they can run again or as payoff for the things they helped do. The entire job of the leaders of both parties now is to funnel money the countries wealth to the upper incomes and keep the lower incomes as poor as possible to force compliance with horrible wages and unsafe working conditions. The push to make the country religious is explained as a way to keep the population from revolting against their poor living conditions and the fact they have very little in life. Blessed are the poor for … Life in the US is a struggle for all but the upper incomes. It shouldn’t be this way. Life should be an enjoyable experience not a daily grind. However more progressives are getting elected. The upper leadership of the Democratic party which has tried to suppress the progressives voice and ideas ( not profitable for the big donors ) are getting the idea that the country is a lot more progressive than they had thought.
      The idea of a center is false. The younger generations ( most of our leading politicians are in their 70’s and above ) are far more progressives than the party leadership. Hugs

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      1. Liberated says:

        Hopefully these younger generations make a more progressive change for your country then.

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