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July 1, 2020

FL Sheriff Vows To Deputize All Gun Owners To Help Put Down Godless Black Lives Matter Protesters

FL Sheriff Vows To Deputize All Gun Owners To Help Put Down Godless Black Lives Matter Protesters [VIDEO]

The Florida Times-Union reports:

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels vowed to put down any protests that aren’t peaceful with the full force of his office and with the help of gun-owning residents. Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels, no stranger to making viral videos appealing to tough-on-crime politics, released a video Tuesday that said he will make “special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county” if he feels the county is overwhelmed by protesters.

The three-minute video shows Daniels standing in front of 18 deputies as he derides civil-rights protesters as godless disruptors and tells them to stay out of Clay County, a suburb of Jacksonville. Daniels, the county’s first black sheriff, is himself under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement related to an affair he had with a fellow officer back when he was at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and a subsequent false arrest of that officer.

Here’s the text of his rant:

Don’t fall victim or play victim to this conversation that law enforcement is bad, that law enforcement is the enemy of the citizens that we’re sworn to protect and serve.

We swore an oath, and in that oath, we swore to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the government, and that we’re duly qualified under the state’s constitution to hold office.

That means for me as a sheriff and these men and women as deputy sheriffs. And we end that with, ‘So help me God,’ but God is absent from the media’s message or Black Lives Matter or any other group that’s making themselves a spectacle disrupting what we know to be our quality of life in this country.

In Clay County we have a great quality of life. We have a great relationship with our community. But across this nation, not so much. I wanted to take a stand with these men and women who feel the same way as I do.

Lawlessness, that’s unacceptable in this country, that’s unacceptable in Clay County. And if you come to Clay County and you think for one second, we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken.

I know what happens when lawlessness prevails. And in this day and time, God is raising up men and women just like the folks standing behind me who will have strong backbones and will stand in the gap between lawlessness and the citizenry we’re sworn to protect.

So, you can threaten all you want. You can say let’s go to Clay County or let’s go to some other peaceful county where problems don’t exist where relationships are great and not strained and where the people support their sheriff and support the men and women in uniform. And you’ll have something waiting you don’t want.

Yes, we’ll protect your constitutional rights as long as you remain under the umbrellas of peaceful protest or peaceful march.

But the second you step out from up under protection of the Constitution, we’ll be waiting on you and we’ll give you everything you want. All the publicity all the pain all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you.

Is it a threat? Absolutely not. But someone has to step up in front of the camera and say enough is enough. Tearing up Clay County, that’s not going to be acceptable

If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility. That’s what we’re sworn to do. That’s what we’re going to do. You’ve been warned.

Sheriff Daniels, not incidentally, eventually plans to run for Congress. Clay County, according to local media, has not seen any significant protests.

As Florida Politics notes, this video is “red meat” in Daniels’ tight race to reelected as sheriff.

There is more including the video at the link above.   This whole idea that the police have the right to take violent action, military action, to be the aggressors against citizens, to be judge , jury , and executioner against the people is what is wrong with policing in our country.   When did the government of the people for the people become a ruled people under the wealthy enforced by armed thugs?  Polls show the US is a progressive country when every question is asked by it self.   Yet the old guard will not yield their power.   We really need change in the US.   Hugs



  1. He’s making murderers of “every lawful gun owner in this county.” No matter if he “deputizes” them or not. If they kill another human being, they are a murderer … and I’d be very doubtful their “credentials” would hold up in a LAWFUL and UNBIASED court of law.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by Nan — July 1, 2020 @ 18:02

    • Hello Nan. Not sure of the laws there, but when I worked for the sheriff in Vermont we had had to be trained in a lot of the procedures and rules of law as when we were used as special deputies we were under color of law, which means we had to obey all the same rules and requirements of regular sheriff deputies. We had the same training requirements for things like the range and use of force, training on non-lethal restraints, lots of training on deescalation which seems to be missing now. All sorts of stuff. I was licensed as a private investigator. But that was 30 Plus years ago, seems things have changed.

      Did you notice the references to god and how the protesters were ungodly? Any sheriff that mixes his religion that heavily into his work as law enforcement is something to worry about. Again the push for a theocracy. Hugs

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by Scottie — July 4, 2020 @ 06:32

  2. He makes one of THE most vicious threats I’ve ever heard, and then has the gall to say, “Is that a threat? Absolutely not.” And I’m not sure about FL Law, but I don’t think ANY sheriff in ANY county in America can just go around deputizing local gun-owners willy-nilly like, in response to a non-existent emergency.

    But then, these Rethugs have always excelled at passing laws that turn out to be in need of perpetrators to commit, which they never do, but like the “gender bender” bathroom bills they passed in No Carolina

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by Dennis Cole — July 1, 2020 @ 18:39

    • Hello Dennis. I hope you are feeling better. Sorry I am late getting back to you. I have been sick my self for most of last week.

      I am not sure of the laws here in Florida about special deputies. I know in Vermont 30 plus years ago I worked for a company owned by the local sheriff and we were trained to be used as special deputies. We had to take a lot of training that the full time deputies had to have. So I think you are correct, but this is Florida so who knows. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — July 4, 2020 @ 06:38

  3. “of perpetrators to commit (non-existent) crimes” is how it should read.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Dennis Cole — July 1, 2020 @ 18:45

    • Hello Dennis. Yes the entire spiel of the sheriff is a dangerous dog whistle to authoritarianism and a police state with religious overtones. I read that the Sheriff is running for reelection and wants to move up in to statewide elected office. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — July 4, 2020 @ 06:52

  4. What could possibly go wrong? Why is it the racist anti-maskers want to solve things with guns, while the BLM carry signs. Who are the real trouble makers?

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by Death of Democracy — July 1, 2020 @ 19:39

    • Hello Death of Democracy. In their mind they are fight to preserve the greatest country in the world and its ways. They see themselves as heroes protecting the great way of life that their fathers and forefathers gave them. They do not bother to think it out or use reason. They long for the good old days that they think were real and great for everyone but don’t seem to understand that it was great for white christian males only. Women, POC, and LGBTQ minorities were not have the best of times. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — July 4, 2020 @ 07:16

  5. With all due respect I loathe the United States for deeming this acceptable in any way, shape or form. Sigh.

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Notes To Ponder — July 2, 2020 @ 02:48

    • Hello Notes To Ponder. I am getting to that point my self. I definitely loathe the horrible racist bigots and god pushers trying to destroy a secular democracy and equality for all. That is why I try so hard to fight their actions. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — July 4, 2020 @ 08:29

  6. ……this candidate would have had solutions for UNITING us not dividing us like some of these crazies out here. To all you racists out there…. Its called the UNITED States of America for a reason, the founders had a vision that just may have something o do with unity. gosh, explaining unity to racists is like explaining quantum physics to a toddler.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Rick Sheleski — August 6, 2020 @ 11:09

    • Hello Rick. There is no use to support him, he withdrew from the primary. But there are other great Democratic and progressive candidates to choose from. Let’s get the state of Florida back to the golden days of Democratic government control. That was when the state had a surplus and supported education and the people, not just wealthy corporations and wealthy owners. Desantis declared wrestling an essential activity in the midst of a pandemic when business were to be in shut down and people were to shelter in place. All due to a big money contract and the wife of the person running the wrestling program being a huge Republican supporter and gave a large amount of money to tRump’s campaign. Total corruption. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Scottie — August 7, 2020 @ 05:08

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