Houston Hospitals Transfer Patients, ICUs At Capacity

Houston Hospitals Transfer Patients, ICUs At Capacity

Newsweek reports:

With novel coronavirus cases in Texas approaching nearly 161,900, hospitals in Houston, the county seat of Harris County, are moving patients to facilities outside the city in a bid to cope with the surge in COVID-19-related cases and lack of beds.

Harris Health System, which operates Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Ben Taub Hospital, has transferred patients to the University of Texas Medical Branch in the cities of Galveston and Conroe as well as the Woodlands community in a scramble to find beds for patients, Houston’s ABC13 reported.

Harris County is home to the highest portion of the state’s total confirmed cases, with 31,422 infections, 20,300 of which are in Houston, according to the latest report Tuesday by Harris County Public Health.

There is more at that the link above.  I suggest people understand this is not over and is a huge problem, even if tRump thinks it is just going to go away.   Hugs

12 thoughts on “Houston Hospitals Transfer Patients, ICUs At Capacity

    1. Hello Death of Democracy. The country squandered the 6 weeks or so we tried to stay at home to flatten the curve. It was working but tRump and his crew panicked, forcing the red states to open too early just to make tRump look better. Well does the Dear Leader look better in those states now? That is why tRump claims that Covid will just disappear, because it has to so he will not look like the moronic fool he is. Now we are again back were we started. I am glad Ron is no longer in the ICU’s facing this. Hugs

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        1. Hello Death of Democracy. I can agree that we should have stayed closed up, but I can not agree with wishing this virus on anyone, not even tRump. Now wishing him a long weekend of the shits is something I can get behind. Hugs

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  1. My anxiety and empathy meter has been on a low hum with massive spikes the past few weeks. I’m drained all to hell and though it would suck to be without a paycheck for a while again, I’m almost at the point of letting us shut down again. The trouble is, will people take it seriously and actually fully shut down like we should? I doubt it. There’s apparently some runs on paper towels and toilet paper again because people are anticipating a shutdown.

    I hate this. I am considered “essential” for my job, so I can work, but I’d be willing to have us completely shut down and all if everyone else was sure to take it seriously and let things run their course.

    I’m more concerned that because of our stupidity, even a two week shutdown won’t do jack. I’m afraid that the sheer amount of selfish folks out there who can’t just be good neighbors and wear a mask in public are gonna drag this thing out for over a year. I sure as hell hope not–the stress is gonna get many of us before the virus does. I’m just gonna keep taking every precaution that i can, and if that means get my wanderlusting dog on a leash line on a more permanent basis to keep her away from folks and their yards, then I’ll do it.

    Guess I should go online and top off my glove stash. I’m really worried about running out of those things. Haven’t seen a can of lysol on a shelf in months.

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    1. I just wrote post for my blog that’s entitled … “An Opportunity to Commiserate” — in case you’d like to contribute and share what you’re feeling. Some of the commenters so far don’t seem to be all that bothered by the restrictions … which somewhat amazes me. Personally, I don’t think isolation is good for anyone. I’m definitely not a big socializer, but not being able to “go and do” wherever and whenever I want has even gotten to me.

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      1. my biggest issue with the not do whatever I want is the places I’d rather be “alone in a crowded room” are the only ones not opening up their big rooms, which is sensible since the hospital ICUs are all running out of beds. The companies I like most are all playing it safe. I just need to get a couple of things tonight before the holiday weekend and then I’m staying shut in. I am used to being alone, and have so much to do at home right now so it’s not a burden, really. It’s more that we can’t all count on each other to do the right thing and keep each other safe. Too much entitlement run amok has just drained me.

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      2. Hello Nan. That interests me. Ron is now home after years of his social interaction being mostly 12 hour shifts at work. Now he doesn’t have that, and with Covid the other outlets we use to have years ago such as going out to eat and visiting with friends is gone. It is driving him a bit crazy. He often needs to run to the store for just a few items, taking precautions of course. He often takes the vehicles out to the car wash or the gas station just to “go out”.

        On the other hand I have no need or feeling of wanting to go anywhere. I am quite happy here at home. I have done this most of the last 30 years to one extent or the other. I love the time I get to be online. I miss it when due to pain, illness, or regular needs of life interfere with that and like this last week I can not get any time on line and post or answer comments. While I do not get anxious about being at home, I do sometimes get so about going out, but I have always done so. If there is a set time to be a place I fret about being there right at that time, I start long before I leave making sure I have everything I need, going over and over it until I leave. On trips Ron says I pack a month worth of stuff for a one week trip. I often get places early and sit in the car until it is near time to go in. I was really happy when Ron decided at the beginning of the year that I shouldn’t go out grocery shopping he would do all that. Only one of us exposed.

        In case anyone misunderstands Ron is going on a trip for a few weeks, maybe longer since he no longer has to worry about getting back to work. Every two years he has gone up north, he is the youngest of 8 kids and they have lost a few already. Plus when it comes to medical understanding they really lean on him as he has over two decades of working in the medical field. His family is really family orientated, something I don’t really understand. All I have is bad memories and nearly nightly nightmares of the people I grew up with, he has memories of fun and love. I am invited by everyone to go, but since 2007 ( going around Atlanta I was driving and something snapped in my spine and I was in agony, later learned one of my vertebra had fractured and bone splinters were digging into my nerves ) riding in a car for more than 10 – 15 really causes my pain to start to building up and it gets unbearable. Ron has offered to put a mattress in the car / van so I can lay down but it is still too much. So every couple years he has gone up north to be with his tight family and I do not feel in anyway aggrieved by it. During his absence I will go to my doctors appointment and to the local grocery stores just down the road.

        Funny story, yesterday Ron and I had to use both vehicles as the car was at the dealer getting the new clear coat and other stuff done before his trip. I was driving the van. When we got home I backed the van into its spot right on the north edge of the driveway. We do this so getting the car out of the carport and off the driveway is easier, the drive way is not quite wide enough if you don’t do that . Ron who had been driving the little car stood there and when I got out of the van exclaimed that it was perfect, he did not know how I did it every time. ( his family has a genetic fault that they can not back up any type of vehicle ) I reminded him I had driven semi’s, drove and backed up our huge dually and 40.4 foot RV trailer and the van had great mirrors so you can see right where the tires are, something the car lacks. But it still made me feel great.

        OK off to another comment to catch up. The bread will soon need to go into the oven and I am beat already. Hugs


        1. Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty much a “stay-at-home” person myself. I just miss the freedom of being able to go and do … without worrying about masking up and keeping the appropriate distance (when others don’t) and all the “sanitizing” afterwards. Even in “normal” times, most of my trips were limited to medical/dental appts plus occasional trips to the dog store and, of course, the grocery store. But now, even those have become a pain-in-the-you-know-where.

          Now my other-half is more like Ron. He doesn’t like being cooped up. Even though he’s high-risk and should be more like me, he’s always finding opportunities to run various errands. And like your Ron, he misses the social part (which for him meant having a beer and BS-ing with “the guys” at the local pub).

          I’m sure you’ll miss Ron when he’s gone … but at the same time, it will allow you to get back into your regular comfortable routine. 😉

          I trust you are over your upset stomach and accompanying ailments so I don’t have to worry about you being infected!!!

          Happy Fourth of July!!

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          1. Hello Nan. I feel much better. Everyday I have been getting stronger and better. I still have lingering fatigue, and tired very easily. But I think it shall pass from my system soon. There was a lot of stress the last week or two and it really messed with my body. All will be well. Yes I am looking forward to feel OK and having my routine back. The thing is there will be the hourly phone calls or texts ( the car electronics let’s us do everything hands free ) so I will still have interruptions.

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    2. Hello The Chatty Introvert. Everything you say is true. We need to shut down, but we need to do what successful countries have done to fight the virus and keep people / the economy going. The government needs to pay peoples wages and give out better payments to the unemployed, like they did in the European countries. That keeps everything going, rents are paid, items bought, food on plates. Instead the US gave the money to wealthy businesses to keep their stock prices up while people went hungry and homeless. Republicans led by Moscow Mitch said there was no need to do anymore stimulus or government help. He accomplished the goal he wanted, taxpayer money to the wealthy, so he doesn’t care if you starve or are evicted. The US has to start from the beginning again, do a make up test, and get it right this time. Oh and did you realize that while the people are suffering, congress kept getting their pay and are wealthy so they faced no hardship during this. Hugs

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      1. I’m not a fan of Gov Abbott for a myriad of reasons, ideological being the biggest one. But I’m glad he at least ordered masks in public statewide, punishable by fines. That makes me feel loads better. The trouble is, some folks seem to think that EITHER you wear a mask or do the 6 ft thing. Uh, no. You’re supposed to do both. So I’ll see oodles of people wearing masks that don’t seem to be distancing anymore. Sigh–feels like one step forward, one step back sometimes.

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