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Testing Czar Says Surge Is Becoming Overwhelming

We are so fucked.   Hugs

Politico reports:

Brett Giroir, the coronavirus testing czar, said Wednesday that the United States’ coronavirus testing capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed in some states by a surge in new infections and increased surveillance efforts in nursing homes and jails.

“It is absolutely correct that some labs across the country are reaching or near capacity,” Giroir said. “Recent data from several states indicate rising infections and now an uptick in hospitalizations and death, even as other states and the great majority of counties are maintaining a low infection burden.”

4 thoughts on “Testing Czar Says Surge Is Becoming Overwhelming

  1. Nan says:

    A thinking person can’t help but recognize that much of this could have been avoided if a CERTAIN PERSON had accepted the seriousness of the issue, taken on the responsibilities of the OFFICE, and put procedures in place that would curb its spread.

    But nooooo. That didn’t happen. And here we are.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. The thing is we had examples to follow. We did not have to reinvent the wheel here. All we needed to do was follow what countries in Europe were doing? We were offered the working tests that they were using, but tRump decided they were not good enough for us so he wanted a US company to make them, one it seems him and Jared had investments in. Of course the tRump administration tests did not work and had to be recalled.

      tRump, like his base, is sure that the US does everything the best, the greatest, the most wonderful, and what ever the US does is the only way it should be done so the rest of the world needs to do what the US does. They are indoctrinated with the idea of American Exceptionalism and that any criticism of the US is not patriotic but an attack on the beloved homeland. It is a very dangerous idea these people have of what it means to love the country. Hugs

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  2. We have a Testing Czar? Well, he’s doing one hell of a crappy job! Test.More. People. Increase production of testing material and labs to do the evaluations. Dump needs to put money into helping instead of burying his head up his ass.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Death of Democracy. The problem is from the top down the administration has been trying to stop testing, to delay the release of the numbers of both cases of covid and the over loading of the health systems. tRump keeps threatening to with draw federal assistance from testing sites.
      tRump thinks it makes him look bad and everything is about the Dear Leader and his delusions. Hugs

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