Doctor: The patients are getting younger and are more sick

11 thoughts on “Doctor: The patients are getting younger and are more sick

  1. Wow Scottie;

    I recently read a rather disappointing facebook post by someone in my community that felt it wrong for people to “shame” her into doing what she considers a “personal choice” of NOT wearing a mask. She went further to really be rude to those who pointed out that she was risking passing the virus should she have it unknowingly, and I’m not sure that she was unaware that one of those she was so rude to has had to deal with the virus personally.
    Now watching this vid I find myself once again wanting to sell everything and move to that small cabin in the woods completely away from everyone. I recognize that the chance of ending up in the hospital like these people is rare, but wow things are scary.

    Be safe my brother!


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    1. Randy, do you know what’s even worse than not wearing a mask? DENYING this entire scenario and claiming it’s “only the flu” and it will all be over by November 4th.

      THIS from my oldest daughter … I kid you not. In her defense, her husband is a dyed-in-the-wool RED Republican. Need I say more?

      A bit of added info — she has only recently resumed a relationship with him after being separated for over a year. If she were thinking on her own, I tend to believe she would have a different perspective. But then … who really knows another person? Even your own relatives …

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      1. Hi Nan;

        Yeah, scary thing is, that comment was from a “family member”, just one with whom I’m not particularly family like. But, yeah.
        You know what, in all horrible honesty…. I’m so damn tired of this covid thing. (rant time) I’m tired of hearing people whine that they shouldn’t have to wear a mask. I don’t want to wear one either. I’m so damn tired of having to wash my hands all the time, to have disinfectant around, to watch that I don’t touch my face. I know, it’s a pain in the ass. I’m so damn tired of working every day until I can barely stand up, having to get help from people – to talk to someone on the phone – so I can stay awake on my drive home and make it in one piece, because I’m “essential” and we are understaffed. I’m so very damn tired of not being able to go anywhere, do anything, see my loved ones, but that is what has to be if we are EVER going to get past this. I am so VERY VERY tired of people whining that they shouldn’t have to do what has to be done because they are Americans and that pesky virus just doesn’t seem to get that idea at all.
        I’m so damn tired of being so worried that I’m going to lose the people that I love and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. Nan, I got to tell you, I’m so very damn tired of being afraid.

        Hugs to you and Scottie.
        sorry about the rant.

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        1. Hello Randy. Please get some rest and take care of your self. When you are tired and stressed it is easier to get sick and harder to stay healthy. As soon as I am back on my feet and feeling better I will reach out and get with you. Best wishes brother. Hugs


      2. Hello Nan. Does your daughter think that the rest of the world agreed to join in an attempt to pull off a world wide hoax just to deny tRump the US presidency? These other countries did not use this “flu” to change their elections, but let their people die in large numbers just to change the US election? Not even Putin is accused of that kind of election tampering. Hugs


        1. Scottie, I honestly do NOT know what my daughter is thinking. She started her comment (we were texting) with, “Mother, please use your common sense.” Then went on to make her claim that “it’s only a flu.” As I mentioned to Randy, her husband is solid RED so he may be having an influence. I just don’t know what to think. What has me especially dumbfounded is she’s a very independent — and intelligent — woman and not easily swayed by other people’s opinions. SMH

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          1. Hello Nan. A lot of it must be the source of news she favors. I have heard the just a flu argument said on SPTV and by Rush Limbaugh. If she is listening to only those sources then she would think that. And the real question is how to get them to listen / read other news sources. I am sure the two I mentioned do not talk about the world wide deaths and the US death total. Hugs

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    2. Hello Randy. Brother you might be right about the cabin idea. These anti maskers who claim it should be a personal choice do not mind the mandatory seat belt laws that are for public safety, and you can be ticketed for not wearing it while driving. Also most of these personal choice are anti-choice for pregnant women. Seems they have not reasoned this out, instead they were fed a line by their favorite conspiracy media and then they are mindlessly repeating it. Hugs

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