Houston Moves COVID-19 Patients to Other Cities: ‘We Don’t Have Capacity’


With novel coronavirus cases in Texas approaching nearly 161,900, hospitals in Houston, the county seat of Harris County, are moving patients to facilities outside the city in a bid to cope with the surge in COVID-19-related cases and lack of beds.

Harris Health System, which operates Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital and Ben Taub Hospital, has transferred patients to the University of Texas Medical Branch in the cities of Galveston and Conroe as well as the Woodlands community in a scramble to find beds for patients, Houston’s ABC13 reported.

Charlie McMurray-Horton, the associate administrator for clinical integration and transformation at Harris Health System, told ABC13: “We are actively trying to transfer out ICU [intensive care unit] and surge patients that are COVID positive and under investigation, just because we don’t have the capacity to treat those patients.

“It really has intensified in the last month or so,” McMurray-Horton said.

Dr. Hashibul Hannan, who works at Houston’s SignatureCare Emergency Center, told ABC13 on Saturday, there’s been a massive spike in COVID-19 patients at nine stand-alone emergency rooms in the Houston area.

“We’re having to send patients far away. Like from Houston, we have to send people to Galveston, to Beaumont, to Huntsville,” Hannan told ABC13.

On Tuesday, Texas reported a record 6,975 new cases, the highest daily case count since the outbreak began, according to the latest report Tuesday from the Texas DSHS.

On Monday, doctors in San Antonio reported hospital beds were running out, with nearly two dozen COVID-19 patients reportedly waiting in emergency rooms for beds to be available.

“We’re in a crisis,” Dr. Jair Melo, the director of critical care at San Antonio’s Methodist Healthcare System, said at a press conference held by doctors from the health system, News Channel 4 San Antonio reported.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg confirmed a facility has been set up at the Freeman Coliseum sports venue with 250 beds on the floor ready to admit non-COVID-19 patients, including those recovering from surgeries, should hospitals reach full capacity.

Dallas is also looking to open a temporary hospital at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in a bid to cope with the surge in COVID-19 patients.

The Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston last week announced it is admitting adult patients to help create additional bed space for COVID-19 patients.

On Sunday, the Texas Medical Center, Houston’s leading source of intensive care unit (ICU) data, was reported to have deleted all previously published reports of ICU data from its website, amid a statewide spike in hospitalizations related to the novel coronavirus.

More at the link above.   I notice that the Texas governor that refused to let cities mandate masks has now required masks state wide.   The LT gov was on Fox news saying Anthony Fauci has not been right yet and their doctors telling them to go full speed into reopening were.   Well here we are, they are needless repeating what happened in New York so they could please the Dear Leader and pretend wearing masks was against their freedoms, yet now that reality wouldn’t give in to them, they are admitting that yes it is with in the states authority to demand you wear something for health and safety reasons, or just because they are terrified of seeing  boobies out side of their paid for porn.  Hugs

3 thoughts on “Houston Moves COVID-19 Patients to Other Cities: ‘We Don’t Have Capacity’

    1. Hello The Chatty Introvert. I think they would only do that as a political stunt. As we seen in New York that the ship is not really set up to handle Covid patients. However Army field hospitals should and could be used. There are enough bases in Texas to make setting them up easy and fast. Hugs

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