New York Post: White man confronts black woman driving in her own neighborhood: video

White man confronts black woman driving in her own neighborhood: video
A black Massachusetts woman shared a disturbing video of a white man following her in his BMW as she drove in her own neighborhood — accosting her to ask what she was doing in the area. “I just got Karen’d? This man followed me home because I went to pick up DOG FOOD at somebody’s house!” Julia Santos, 21, tweeted, using the term for entitled white women in social media, after the man stopped her while she was driving home in Groveland on Monday. The driver of the convertible Beemer cornered her

Read in New York Post:

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2 thoughts on “New York Post: White man confronts black woman driving in her own neighborhood: video

  • Why do these people think they can just go up and question someone? And come on–a man cornering a woman with his car? That’s traumatizing for ANY woman because you have no clue what the hell is going on and if they’re gonna hurt you. No sense at all.

    What’s with these self-designated “neighborhood watch” types, too? Over and over again, they seem to say “well, i know everybody in this neighborhood.” Really? Apparently you don’t, or you only know the ones you want to know, which is obviously not everybody. Or, maybe they didn’t want to know you, so you didn’t know them. Our collective IQ is dropping daily. Vote the Great Pumpkin out of the White House in November, dammit. Vote, Vote, Vote. 123 & 1/2 days.

    Start the road to recovery to Make America Sane (Again, if we ever were).

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    • Hello The Chatty Introvert. Yes, yes, yes. All you said is true. The ruining of the public education has been going on since the 1980’s. So many of these people have no clue what is a real right, what is in the constitution, what is legal or not. And they do not care. What they care about is their privilege, their assumed superiority.

      I know how I would react if a random person came up to me demanding I tell them my name and what I was doing and prove to them I lived there. There is a good chance I would use the Florida stand your ground laws which were designed to be used against POC and then I would be in trouble.

      But that is the point, it is white entitlement, it is always a white person thinking they have the right to police the actions of a POC. That is why each one posted is another endorsement of BLM and defund the police. White entitlement has to be retired to history. Can you imagine the outrage is a black person called police on a white person this way? There would be a modern lynching. Hugs

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