Maybe I used to much yeast

9 thoughts on “Maybe I used to much yeast

    1. Hello Tengrain. I added a bit more yeast because my yeast is at the bottom of the jar and older. But the reason it rose so much is the recipe is a large one, for two big loaves. It calls for 9 to 10 1/2 cups of flour. I like to make them two at a time as James likes to drop by and get a loaf. The finished bread tastes great so no harm done. Do you like to bake / cook also? Hugs

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      1. It will be fine, punch it down, shape it, and let it rise in the loaf pan (I’m assuming it is loaf bread) to about the top of the pan, then put it in the pre-heated oven. It will be delicious!

        (I’ve been a bread baker since… well, let’s say a long time. )



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    1. Hello Polly. Yes true. I thought it was a funny thing to post. I did add a pinch more yeast but not enough to change much. My yeast is getting to the bottom of the container and it is older as I was not baking for a while. The recipe is a large one, making two large loaves. I like to do two a lot of the time because James likes to come over and get the second one. Hugs


    1. Hello Polly. What is the difference please? Some recipes call for a towel and others sprayed plastic wrap. I never thought if there was a difference, but now you have me curious. Hugs


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