2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump has done everything wrong and doesn’t want the people to know

  • The saddest story about the mask-wearing debacle is the one where the here-to-fore cautious but very gregarious guy attended a get-together simply because he really missed the socializing. Of course no one wore masks (after all, it’s was a party, right?). As it so happened one of the guests was infected (and knew it by his symptoms) … and the gregarious fellow got infected and died.

    I’m sure you read about this, but it’s such a perfect illustration of what the political cartoons are saying about the virus.

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    • Hello Nan. Every indication was clear we needed more time to flatten the curve, but the Republicans wouldn’t give the average people any government money so in order to keep the economy in some semblance of movement workers had to be forced to work. To do that everything had to be opened up, kids back into care or school so parents were free again, and people needed to shop. So tRump and crew with the help of SPTV and right wing sources created a fiction of it was gone, we were better, everything was OK. They sold it hard by Republican governors. Now we are here and the WH has a new message of just live with it, and they are hopeful that the people will get desensitized and numb to the number of deaths. Hugs

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