Brace Yourself for Trump’s Great Recession

3 thoughts on “Brace Yourself for Trump’s Great Recession

  1. Scottie, just as the upswing in COVID-19 is not a surprise, neither will be the further dampening of the economy. which should linger well into 2021. I hope it won’t, but unlike the president “hoping” COVID-19 goes away, I know that hope is not a strategy. We should all be safe doing the least we can do – masks, socially distancing and washing hands – and frequent places that only have their act together on keeping us safe. And, we should save what we can, pay down debt when we can, and spend judiciously. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. The thing is it did not have to be as bad as it is going to be. The entire world has seen their economies contract. But the countries that invested in paying the workers wages and helping out those not working have a much better starting point now to rebound than the US, which put the money into wealthy business to help the stock market and keep the wealthy trading. While the wealthy traded and got their stock dividends the rest of the population look at losing their jobs, housing, lack of food, unable to buy or sell. Everyone from the worker to the small business owner has lost while the government rushed to help the wealthy. Now they refuse to say where all the money went. In the Biden administration it should be investigated and if illegal actions found, prosecuted. I am tired to this back door underhanded dealings. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, Trump’s bent toward corruption is overt. When he said there will no one policing the distribution, we knew he there would be malfeasance. Trusting Trump with money is not a good investment. Keith

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