Maybe He’s Running For Jefferson Davis’ Old Job?

Hello TG. As has been mentioned it is not about expanding his base, and I am not even sure it is about his real desire of starting an all love tRump TV network. I think it is about having a large group of people willing to be violently vocal supporting tRump and doing acts of violence to support him. I have seen this recently that the focus is less on the older SPTV ( state propaganda TV called fixed news … I mean fox news ) viewer
to younger more violent protesters and activist willing to do what it takes to intimidate any not tRump supporter or perceived enemy. I have seen the push in this direction in my area, it use to be older people in restaurants pushing tRump SPTV talking points, but with those closed the new push is on the young and violent to go in to stores and other open areas to oppress any anti tRump views. loudly and violently pushing back on anything that might contradict a tRump tweet. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

It’s time to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation: Our prznint seems to think that he is running for the prznintcy of the confederacy.

It’s not just the sports news we alluded to (including his moaning over remove the Rebel Flag from NASCAR), or his attacks on #BLM, or his bizarre defense of Confederacy statues, or his vociferous objection to removing names of Confederacy “heroes” from military bases, or using loaded phrases like “erasing our history” in his speeches, or tweeting out videos of his supporters yelling “WHITE POWER” at demonstrators…

Oh. Maybe it is those things.

He’s already wrapped up the racist vote, but I don’t see who he is inviting into the Republican (white) tent with these actions.

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5 thoughts on “Maybe He’s Running For Jefferson Davis’ Old Job?

  1. I’ve been seeing those Dump re-election yard signs all over the place in my neck of the woods, and I wonder where people are getting them. Part of me REALLY wants to put a Biden sign up just to counter-balance it a little. I’m in Dump country and when I see those massive flags on the back of people’s pickup trucks or in their yards, it’s just annoying to me. Dunno where I’d get one, though. Guess I gotta go digging.

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    1. Someone needs to come up with a yard sign that says “Dump Trump 2020” — only problem is anyone who puts one up may be in danger of having their house set afire …

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      1. I wondered about that. Also, since my house is not on the corner of a main drag, it might be useless a gesture. But I also wondered if maybe I should go buy some graham crackers, marshmallows, and hershey bars in case a burning cross ended up on my lawn. If I unbend a wire hanger and sit several feet away, I’ll have maybe a couple nice toasted mallows before the fire department shows up.

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    2. Hello The Chatty Introvert. Call any local Biden office or go online to the Biden web site they can get you to the local office that can bring you a sign for your yard or car. I live in a development that forbids political signs but allows religious ones every Christmas. Hugs

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      1. Thanks. It just occurred to me that I’ve been seeing little smatterings of re-election signs up for many months. Not a Biden sign yet (of course, it took forever to get him as candidate, so we can give leeway there). Maybe one bumper sticker regarding Biden, but otherwise, I don’t think I’ve seen anything.
        I’ve always wondered about the signs and where to get ’em. Thanks.

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