Medical Report: 17-Year-Old Died After Attending Florida Church’s “COVID Party”

The mother should be charge and face legal penalties for this.   Her daughter died due to her actions and neglect.   There are requirements for being able to have and operate certain objects in Society but there is no requirements it seems for having children for religious groups.  This is what you get when you teach people their god requires them to ignore science and reality and focus on unproven myth.   This is what you get when you forement a conspiracy class that thinks the country they live in with extra privilege is out to persecute them.   You get QAnon conspiracy believers willing to let their children die because they mistrust the very people that could help them.   Hugs

Medical Report: 17-Year-Old Died of COVID After Attending Florida Church’s Event

Data scientist Dr. Rebekah Jones, who has been in the news lately because she was fired by the Florida Department of Health for pointing out how serious the virus was even though Republican officials were trying to downplay it, recently launched a website as a tribute to Florida victims of the virus. Yesterday, she posted some surprising and disturbing details about Carsyn’s death.

According to a public Medical Examiner’s report obtained by the website (but not posted online), Carsyn’s mother Carole Brunton Davis took her to a “COVID Party” hosted by their church on June 10.

I repeat, the mother took her immunocompromised daughter to a virus party with about 100 mask-less kids.

Her mom, who is not a doctor, then prescribed her daughter azithromycin, an anti-bacterial drug with no known benefits for fighting COVID-19, for several days. During that “treatment period,” Carsyn developed headaches, sinus pressure and a cough.

A few days later, without taking her to a doctor, her mother would later report that her daughter “looked gray” on June 19, so she put Carsyn on her grandfather’s oxygen machine.

When that still did nothing to combat the cough, the headaches, the sinus infection, the fever, her mother started giving her hydroxychloroquine — a dangerous drug that clinical studies have shown makes a person MORE likely to die of COVID, but was recklessly touted by President Trump for months as a supposed “cure.”

Carsyn’s health declined so rapidly that she was admitted in a hospital’s intensive care unit. But even though she was having trouble breathing, her mother declined intubating her.

Carsyn died two days after her 17th birthday.

The victims website notes:

Carole keeps a public facebook profile that is filled with conspiracy theories about underground governmental networks and mind-control. She’s a devout follower of the alt-right terrorist and conspiracy group QAnon, and frequently reposts stories from other alt-right websites like The Federalist.

She’s an anti-vaxxer, too.

Carsyn officially died from the virus. But she may have survived it if not for her negligent, conspiracy-obsessed, Trump-loving mother.

More at the link above.    Hugs

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