VIRAL VIDEO: Man Screams “I Feel Threatened, Back The Fuck Up!” When Asked To Wear Mask At FL Costco

I live in North Fort Myers.  This asshole trying to pick a fight with an elderly woman and an elderly man for just filming him is typical of the angry racist bigoted tRump supporters here in our area.  When I tell people as a gay man I cam in more danger from angry white Republican Christians than any Muslims in the area this is the type I am referring to.    If you read the tweets on the site many are suspecting he is either a corrections officer or a cop.  The way he comes at them yelling he feels threatened and they are to back off  he is trying to provoke a response, an excuse to assault them.  Again these entitled assholes are all over this area.   I like how the store escorted him out of the store, but why was the police not called?   He was committing simple assault.      Hugs

VIRAL VIDEO: Man Screams “I Feel Threatened, Back The Fuck Up!” When Asked To Wear Mask At FL Costco

The New York Daily News reports:

A man has lashed out at an elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask in a heated confrontation at a Costco store. In a shocking video taken at the scene, the man screams an expletive-laden tirade at the customer in the Gulf Coast Town Center store in Fort Myers, Florida.

The man, wearing a red “Running the World Since 1776” shirt – a reference to the American Revolutionary War – approaches the elderly lady and a man believed to be defending her.

The man continues to approach the pair as he yells: “I feel threatened, I feel threatened! Back up! Threaten me again! Back the fuck up, put your fucking phone down.” He was later escorted out of the store.

There is more information and tweets at the link above.  Hugs

5 thoughts on “VIRAL VIDEO: Man Screams “I Feel Threatened, Back The Fuck Up!” When Asked To Wear Mask At FL Costco

  1. Nan July 7, 2020 / 12:00

    The Costco in our area requires everyone wear a mask. No mask, no entry.

    I agree — the physique and the haircut makes me think either existing or former LE — one that thinks he’s privileged because of who/what he is.

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    • Scottie July 7, 2020 / 12:20

      Hello Nan. Scary he was willing to go all Hulk on an elderly lady and an elderly man. How eager he was for confrontation and to prove his superior masculinity. Very dangerous. I remember when I got into it with Teldib about how great a threat Muslims were to me a gay man and I kept trying to point out where I live people like this were a far greater threat to me personally. Hugs

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  2. TheChattyIntrovert July 8, 2020 / 10:36

    wow–what a big man, swearing and yelling at an elderly couple filming him. And how was he not stopped at the door without a mask? Or maybe he had it and pocketed it, daring anybody to say something.

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    • Scottie July 8, 2020 / 13:38

      Hello The Chatty Introvert. I think he pocketed it and was just waiting for someone to ask him to put it on so he could go off. Many people say he was armed with gun on his right side under the shirt. He clearly was looking for a fight, and being a coward at heart went after an elderly couple. Maybe he was afraid a younger person would not have been intimated and taken him down. Quite a tough man to threaten elderly people. He is despicable. Hugs

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