“Threatened” Costco Covidiot Has Already Been Fired

This is an update to the post here at https://scottiestoybox.com/2020/07/07/viral-video-man-screams-i-feel-threatened-back-the-fuck-up-when-asked-to-wear-mask-at-fl-costco/  I guess he was not law enforcement as far as this update goes.   Hugs

“Threatened” Costco Covidiot Has Already Been Fired

Law & Crime reports:

The latest viral video, filmed more than one week ago at a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida, showed a man in a red “Running the World Since 1776” t-shirt screaming that he “felt threatened” as he approached the purported source of the threat.

“I feel threatened,” he yelled. “Back off! Threaten me again. Back the fuck up [and] put your fucking phone down!” You can hear a woman speaking in the background. She seems to call him Dan. Twitter sleuths promptly identified him as Daniel Maples, a Florida man and an insurance agent at Ted Todd Insurance.

The company confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that it fired the person who appeared in the Costco video. Charley Todd, the CEO of Ted Todd Insurance, said the former employee “absolutely does not represent our values and no longer works at our agency.”

I was so sure he was a cop.

There is more at the link above including some tweets from his former employer.  Hugs


8 thoughts on ““Threatened” Costco Covidiot Has Already Been Fired

    1. Hello The Chatty Introvert. Maybe or he is one of those Florida people who read online sites about how to legally get away with violence by claiming they felt threaten while really they are the ones being aggressive and threatening. How many people in Florida have shot black people including kids and then claimed they were in fear of their lives when the other person did not have a gun or make the threatening move? Hugs

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  1. Tsk-tsk. How sad. Too bad. (Next time keep your f-ing mouth shut, idiot!)

    Even though not a cop, he sure fits the profile. Maybe he has relatives/friends that he imitates.

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    1. Hello Nan. There is a lot of angry militant militia type around here as it is growing all around the country under tRump. They think they are patriots, they believe the right wing hype, they feel their country and ways are being threatened, and they are racist / bigots. They have huge chips on their shoulders and are basically the bad type of redneck. They are the Proud Boy types.
      There really are good rednecks, they help people, look after their neighbors, decent down to earth people who don’t look for trouble but will stand up to it when need be. But there is a bad type that go looking to cause trouble, to be the problem. They have a network here like they do up where you live. If you watch the video you can clearly see a gun on his right hip under his shirt. Why do you need a gun to go shopping in Costco? Because you believe the drum beat you are in a war and the only way to hurt others legally is to claim you feel threatened. That is the basis of the Florida stand your ground law. Of course it doesn’t work when you are stomping angrily hulking your arms with clenched fist at an elderly couple. He is lucky there was not a good old boy redneck there who seen him do that, he would have cold cocked him to the ground with no warning for threatening an old woman. The good rednecks don’t tolerate that shit. Hugs

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      1. Part of me REALLY, REALLY wants to see Rupert Murdock come on the TV and make a statement to every FUX station at the same time, thanking the viewership for their years of dedicated watching… and then tell them that FUX was never a news station, but the biggest and longest-running national practical joke played by him to see how many people would fall for the bullshit he had his minions put on the air. And then you’d have the color test screen come up on every FUX station as it disconnects forever…

        Aw, crap. I just HAD to wake up again.

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  2. There was a Karen at a store called Bones and Scones in Palm Springs, CA. Her name is Laura Karowsky. You can look her up on You Tube. #LauraKarowsky #BonesAndSconesKaren #Covidiots #Covid19 #Karenavirus

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    1. Hello Superman 2050. These people both disgusts me and piss me off. I do feel sorry for the store workers, most getting very low pay, that have to deal with these assholes. Some are just hoping for a confrontation, others want to push their superiority of getting to violate the rules. At no point do they give a shit about the health of others. I am especially angered that they misrepresent both the ADA and religious freedom laws to grant themselves fake privilege. These are the same people that bragged on personal responsibility to deny others food and government assistance. Hugs

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