tRump is not hiding it now, going full white supremacist racist




9 thoughts on “tRump is not hiding it now, going full white supremacist racist

  1. Scottie – I’m betting ALL my Quatloos on this supposition: NO ONE has even considered this:

    If Kanye IS elected Prez, then for the very first time in all of Modern History, we will have concurrent First Ladies who were former porn actresses.

    Feel free to make a meme outta this, or just pass it along; I think it’s funny AF.

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    1. Hello Dennis. Thank you for pointing this out. As I know almost nothing about Kanye I wouldn’t know who his wife is. Speaking of tRump’s wife, I still can not understand how the evangelicals could drag Mrs Obama through the mud, but porn acting nude posing Melania Trump is a wonderful upright moral person? If I find the meme I will gladly post it, if you find one send it to me. Thanks. Hugs


        1. Hello Dennis. Barely. I have heard the name but not sure what she does. I really do not follow TV or pop culture. Ron is always having to tell me who some famous actor / actress / singer / or other performers are. I do not listen to the radio and couldn’t tell you who the popular singers of today are or what songs are the rave. Hugs


          1. Scottie – Kim and her fambly had a Reality TV show Called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which made them famous for not really being famous, but gaining fame & notoriety thru Bad Behavior, crappy TV, and a gullible, easily-led-astray viewing public. Ron might clue you in a bit more.

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            1. Hello Dennis. It has always amazed me people watch or care about that crap. I never understood reality TV and even tRump’s apprentice show. My feelings have always been who cares. Ron and I are on our 30th year, soon to start the 31st, and I think since the 1990’s we have had separate rooms for media watching. We long ago realized I needed an office and he needed a living room of his own. We simply have different interests. Ron now is into South Korean and Asian movies and shows. That stuff bores me. And while we buy off Amazon all the blockbuster movies we rarely watch them. My focus is news, world events. When I get into the car after him I am stunned by the stations he listens too. I have my news podcasts I quickly switch over to. Yet we have the greatest living together experiences and so many other common interests. Be well. Hugs


      1. Scottie – it’s in the Urban Dictionary, but without attribution to the original coinage & usage, which was by a columnist for the SF Chronicle named Herb Caen, who wrote for them in the 60s and 70s. He was quite the punster, and he’s been one of my main sources ever s
        ince then.

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