I was right, they are trying to get in to attack

For those that do not know I am terrified of spiders.   I have worked on getting a lot better at it these last few years even getting to the point of not instantly killing the horrid beasts from hell, and saving a few to be put out side.   Last night as I was sleeping my office door camera alarmed, and when I checked it out, I nearly freaked.   The little bastard not only was trying to prevent the camera alerting me to his break in, watch were he goes , right to the window of the door where I am sure he forced his way in to lay in wait to attack me.    Hugs

8 thoughts on “I was right, they are trying to get in to attack

    1. Hello Nan. Those sneaky assassins are every where and they prowl at night. Lucky for me I have two cat guards I only need to keep prodding awake to protect me. 😀😃😄😆

      We have the Ring system and it is a good buy. The window / door sensors and cameras are pricey but the monitoring is really inexpensive. $10 a month or $100 a year. Or you can do with out the monitoring but you can not store your video. You can still get alerts and use your phone to access the cameras but you can not keep the video recordings as I understand it. We have the office door outside ( front door of the house ) the entire carport ( on a flood light camera ) and the sheds across the end of the carport and access to the back on a door bell camera positioned to look that way at the back door. That covers the entire driveway, cars, and access to that side of the house. Next year we are moving the flood light camera out back as it is far too big / bright for the carport and replacing it with another of the lighted cameras like over the office door. All the cameras can be accessed by the phone or tablet and you can hear and speak through them. We have a camera for inside but I don’t have it set up because of the cats, and you can get smoke detector monitors and CO2 monitors, even flood ones. Hugs

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      1. Curious — do you have reasons for so much protection? That is, have there been break-ins, etc. in your park?

        We live is a relatively safe area (“relative” because is anywhere totally safe?) but we still take precautions. We have a floodlight at the side of the house, over the regular door to the garage, that stays on all night … and another one in the backyard that is motion-activated. The one at the side was also motion-activated when we moved here, but somewhere along the way it started going on and off sporadically. We tried to adjust it but nothing helped, so until we get a new one, we just leave it on all night. There are no doors or windows on the opposite side of the house.

        At this point, we don’t feel a security system is necessary. HOWEVER, if the virus epidemic continues and people start getting desperate because they don’t have money to buy food, etc. … well, things may quickly change.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes and no. We live in a RV / mobile home resort. Fancy way to say we have three homeowner full size single / double wide mobile homes and a large section of RV / park model size mobile homes. The place has a club house and pool and a bunch of other facilities.

          The road we are on has single family homes and years ago when we lived in the RV section ( Mid 2004 to Jan 2007 ) the kids ( teens ) from those homes would come through the park in the summer, play in the pool late at night ( which never bothered us as who cares if teens want to swim and make out ) but also some would go through the park trying vehicle doors. If they found one open they would take what they could find, change or stuff. They never broke in, just tried the doors. One summer at about 2 AM we and our neighbors chased a bunch of them in our trucks / cars around the park because they they got caught by us checking our vehicles and we had left our golf cart keys in it, so long story short, we got the cart back, they ran into the woods and to their homes. Really no harm but a night of lost sleep and a lot of name calling.

          Now in the current time, we really do not have a crime problem right here. Ron is hyper nervous when he worked nights and I was alone, he feared for my safety. Part of his getting older and he has lost a lot of his strength and ability. When he owned the bar 30 years ago he would wade into a fight and clear house, now it is not something he can do. So he worries. We have a serious amount of electronics / tools / other expensive stuff in the house / sheds and insuring it is cheaper with a good security system. Our next buy in the near term is a really good window / door hurricane shutter system as ours is not really that good.

          But to get back to your question if our immediate area is bad, no. The question is what is the area. We have little to no crime, a stolen bike or such every few years, a desperate person trying to get something left out during the off season they can sell for a fix. We do not have break in’s or such. However it is the zone around us that scares Ron. It use to be a 20 mile zone of protection, crap happened out side of that. Then it was a 15 mile, then a 10 mile zone. Right now on our ring system we get a once in a few months report with in five miles of a suspicious person loitering but mostly it is lost dogs and cats. Here at our place I get night time alerts on the local free range cats and the dang armadillos. Now the attacking ninja spiders. I guess it is time to install laser turrets. 😀😃🤔 Hugs

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  1. When I was just a little ‘Grain, my mom would dutifully kill the spiders. She didn’t tell me until much, Much, MUCH later how afraid she was of them, too. She said she did that for me and my sister because she didn’t want us to grow up to be afraid of them, too. She read Charlotte’s Web to us, too. I suspect she was shaking inside.

    I still don’t like ’em in the house, and if I walk into a web, I yowl.



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    1. Hello TG. I was horribly terrified of them but a few years ago I started following a blog by a grand South Africa man / author who loves the beasts. The bigger and uglier the better. After a few years he got me to the point of at least night trying to kill them on sight. He posts a lot of pictures of crab spiders and in truth it is fascinating how they can change their colors. He has not posted much on spiders recently but he has a wonderful spot with lots of wildlife he photos. I love his cat photos as you can imagine. However spiders still freak me out, and I really was not happy seeing that thing race up to the camera. It has always amazed me, a two tour military veteran who has been shot at and really has no fear of anything else but these creepy crawly spiders cause a fear response in me that is really pronounced. Oh and yes I understand your web response as I have done the walk into a spider web dance that will dislocate joints and cause muscles to rip. What was a real disappointment to me was I woke both cats who were sleeping with me to show them the video, they looked, and went back to sleep. I need better guard cats. 😀😃😄😋 Hugs


    1. Hello Interesting. I find it fascinating how some normal things in our lives can function in such interesting ways. I had heard of salt to keep spirits away but never pepper to keep insects away. Hugs


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