Andrew spills the Tea on Karens

I love this and I agree with it 100%   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Andrew spills the Tea on Karens

    1. Hello Notes To Ponder. I am so lucky, other than doctors offices I have been able to go months with out going out. However for the last week Ron has been up in New Hampshire so I seen a Karen today. An unmasked woman took a full cart of groceries in to the express lane and when it was pointed out to her that the lane was for 10 items or less she threw a fit demanding they cash her out as she was not going to wait at the back of one of the other lines. She got her way but the manager did come up and quietly talk to her as her stuff was begin scanned. From what I could hear he was asking her to follow store rules. It makes me wounder how some people are raised that they think the rules just don’t apply to them. Hugs

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