U.S. coronavirus deaths on the rise again

5 thoughts on “U.S. coronavirus deaths on the rise again

    1. Hello Nan. The Republican governors forgot in their rush to curry favor with tRump that if people are not safe to go out and shop / buy then they wont do it. People wont exchange money and so there will be no economy. By rushing to please the orange monster they destroyed what ever gain we had going for us. Hugs

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      1. Again and again I go back to the beginning of all this. -IF- the orange blubber would have stepped up and done what he should have done as POTUS, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But he didn’t … and we are suffering the consequences.

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        1. Hello Nan. Did you see tRump is again gaslighting the people and trying to change reality buy now claiming he was never against masks and always thought they should be worn in some places. This after telling Democratic governors they should compromise and accept a deal with no mask armed white protesters, who just happened to be his base. I hate the fact his lies are just accepted now, that his base has no problem with it. Is it because they want to be able to lie any time they want and get away with it? Hugs


          1. I tend to think many of them recognize his lies and switcheroos, but they simply don’t care! For them, he’s still the bigot they voted for and that’s all they really care about. As far as his “wealthy” supporters, they could care less so long as he continues to look out for their pocketbooks. The rest of the “stuff” that goes on is just white noise to them.

            Dump Trump 2020!

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